Caulking & Sealing

There are two types of caulking that can be put on the outside of your home in order to seal it from weather, air conditioning, heat loss, and insects. They both also protect the wood and substrates on both the inside and outside of the home.

The first type of caulk is latex caulking. Latex caulking is the most widely used caulking product on the outside of a home. With a good, top-brand caulking material, you will have a 50% elasticity rate, which means when the home gets hot or cold, the material stretches to accommodate the temperature. The other advantage to latex caulk is that once it's applied to any surface, and it has bonded and dried, it can be painted any color, so that the final look is a smooth seamless seal between painted surfaces.

The second type of caulking that can be used is a silicone based caulk. This type of caulking dries clear and can be used around brick, windows, and other surfaces you may not be painting. Silicone based caulking is good and firm, and seals very well against drafts, insects and weather. However, it doesn't stretch as much as latex caulk; it is designed to fill in surfaces that don't move as much like masonry brick, windows and metal.

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