4 Ways I Can Help You Choose Your New Paint Colors!

1. Free In Store Selection
Go into your local paint store with your signed Sharper contract. Choose any two colors from the display. The store will give you two free color try on cans of paint, along with a couple of foam brushes to try the new color on your walls.
2. Free Color Consultation
After you have tried on your free colors, if you still need advice, then call or email me, and my color consultant will give you a free, in-home color consultation.
3. Free Color Swatches Mailed To You
Once you narrow down some color choices, you can e-mail me the color names. We will send you large color swatches that you can tape to your wall.
4. Free "Digital" Painting of Your Home *
Take a picture of the area to be painted (ex: front of house or interior room), email that picture with what new colors you want to see on what surfaces. In less than a week, we will email you back a picture of what your house will look like with those new colors!!

* (Please note: Colors are never exact due to different printers and computers. It is just a general idea on how the new paint color COULD look. See back of this page for an example of a before and after "digitally" painted front of house.)