Is Interior Painting too Stressful During the Holidays? 9 Reasons to Hire a Professional Painter this Holiday Season

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The holidays are a season to experience the joy of gathering, the comfort of tradition and the delight of favorite foods. The holidays can also be a time to give your home a new look as you approach the new year, or make that big change you’ve been planning. Tackling that interior wall painting project might be one of the best decisions you make for your home this holiday season, especially if you hire a reputable painting company or painting professional to get the job done.

hire a professional interior painter this holiday season

Is Interior Painting too Stressful During the Holidays?

Lots of folks have a few extra days around the holidays to catch up on house work or projects. But is that the best way to spend your holiday time off? We think that a holiday painting project can actually be a wonderful way to update your home, especially when you hire a painting professional.

In fact, the holidays can be one of the best times to hire a painting professional to paint your home. Here are 9 reasons to hire an interior painting professional this holiday season.

Spend more time with friends and family when you hire an interior professional painter

The holidays are that one time of year when friends and family prioritize gathering together. If you’re spending this special time catching up on painting projects, it’s hours and hours you’ll be spending away from the people who love you most. An interior painting professional can complete your painting projects in a matter of hours or days.

Finish holiday painting projects faster when you hire a professional painter

You might be the world’s most capable DIYer or weekend warrior, but the pros can prep, paint and clean up faster than even the handiest homeowners. It’s because we know the ins and outs of painting more than most folks, so we will finish your project faster and neater, giving you more time to relax in your updated home.

Enjoy holiday discounts when you hire a professional painter

Here’s the real inside scoop: most areas of the country are too cold during the holidays to complete exterior paint projects. That means a lot of painting professionals are in their slowest season and are willing to offer their best discounts of the year to ramp up their workload.

Contact a reputable painting company in your area and ask about sales and discounts. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save!

Get exactly the color you want applied with the right materials when you hire a professional painter

We’ve seen it happen a thousand times: the color you thought you liked is too dark, or the application looks streaky. The best paint jobs come down to the right paint applied with the right materials. A great painting professional will never compromise on these two important items, so you can rest assured you’ll be getting the best finished project possible.

Have a home that smells like the holidays and not paint fumes when you hire a professional painter

Professional painters use low VOC paints and paint quickly. That means your house will smell like the things you love this holiday season and not a freshly opened can of low-quality primer.

Get a “deep clean” look and feel before holiday visitors arrive when you hire a professional painter

Paint is not only a great way to change the appearance of a room, it can also lock in dirt and odors and freshen an entire space. If you know you’ll have lots of visitors this holiday season, part of your “deep cleaning” can be a newly painted guest bedroom. It will feel and look neat as a pin, meaning both you and your guests and can enjoy a thoroughly clean space for the length of their visit (and beyond!).

Leave for vacation or family visits and return to a freshly painted room or home when you hire a professional painter

One of the best things about hiring a professional interior painter is that that many of them can complete your interior painting project while you’re away visiting friends or family on the weekend. So head off to grandma’s and return home to a brand new living room color.

Save money on painting products and tools when you hire a professional painter

Nearly every homeowner has spent hundreds of dollars on paint supplies and tools. Not so when you hire a professional painter this holiday season. The cash you save on not buying cans of paint, new rollers, tape, drop cloths and brushes can go toward gifts for the kids and other loved ones.

Fewer tasks on your to-do list for spring when you hire a professional painter

If you’re still not convinced that you should have a professional painter tackle that painting project this holiday season, just think of how good it will feel to not have to do it this spring. We know lots of families like to wait until spring for some of their bigger home projects, but if you factor in potential holiday discounts and the ease of having a professional painter finish your project this winter, it seems like an easy choice to us!

Stress-Free Holiday Painting

The holidays might not be the time of year you traditionally think of hiring a painting professional, but we think it’s one of the best times of year to paint. So talk to a reputable professional painter or painting company in your area for some stress-free holiday painting. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, all year long.

Get Expert Help when Painting During the Holidays

Our professional interior paint experts are ready to help you finish your interior paint project this holiday season! We offer free consultations and work quickly so you can enjoy your home fully for the holidays. Contact us today for a free quote.