A Message from Sharper Impressions Painting: Buyers Beware

Sharper Impressions Painting has warned homeowners for years to hire a reputable, sustained painting company when hiring a paint contractor. The decision not to, haunts many homeowners and their wallets.  Take into consideration, the unfortunate case of Debbie B.

Sharper Impressions was contracted to paint the interior of Debbie B.’s home many years ago.  She was happy with the work and our service.  Years later, she decided to paint the exterior as well. She chose to hire an individual painter who would perform the work slightly cheaper than the other bids she had received from local, established painting firms.

She paid an $1100 deposit, and then the contractor completely disappeared.  His cell phone number was disconnected, his email address wasn’t valid and there was no way of contacting him. She was out a lot of money with no other options, and an unpainted home.

Unfortunately, Debbie B learned the hard way; for that exact reason homeowners should only hire a professional painting company. No painting customer should have to pay a deposit, ever. Good painting companies offer a guarantee with their work. Established paint contractors also offer extended warranties and continued support for years after the project is complete. Knowing the company has been around for awhile, in Sharper’s case 20 years, allows the customer to have peace of mind that their painting contractor is not going to disappear.

Whether your project goes good or bad, Sharper Impressions Painting will be available to fix any issues or continue to help you finish a your new paint project.

Too many homeowners fall victim to a fly by night painter. You should never have to take a risk like paying a deposit.  The benefits of going with a professional company far outweigh the risks of hiring someone not established.

For more information and a complete list of painting services; visit www.SharperImpressionsPainting.com or call 877.665.5566.