10 Inspiring Interior Design and Home Decor Blogs You Need to Bookmark

Interior painting is an important aspect of transforming a house into a home. But even if your interior painting company uses the perfect paint color on your walls, ceiling, and trim, you may find that something is amiss. If the furnishings, wall art, or shape of the room you want to paint don’t fully complement the interior paint color…

Interior Trim Painting Upgrade: Fast-Drying Paint on Bathroom Cabinets

This repeat customer had some new cabinet doors installed. They called on our interior trim painting services and we painted the cabinets with a fast-drying, self-hardening new paint that dries very durable and shiny. We then installed the new silver hardware to completely transition the customer's master bath. What a difference some interior trim paint can make! BEFORE AFTER

Exterior Painting Upgrade: Lighter Siding Paint & Exterior Wood Trim Update

We loved working on this exterior home painting project! As you can see, before the paint job, there was rotted wood around the windows of this customer's home. We replaced the wood, plus made the faded stained garage doors look rich, shiny and new. A lighter color on the siding drastically lightened up the house, as well. The new exterior paint…

Painted Trim vs. Stained Trim: Which is Best for Your Home?

Interior wood trim is an important design detail that can be found in nearly every room of a home. While many people often overlook their wood trim and leave it as is when they move in, when painted, wood trim can significantly transform the look and feel of a house. Whether your trim is simple, or your home has elaborate…

Exterior Aluminum Painting Upgrade – Dark Siding & Shutters

This customer had their original white aluminum siding from the 70s. We applied two good coats of a modern grey to the body and a darker grey to the shutters. Notice how the chimney looks cleaner and the existing white windows stand out for a nice contrast. BEFORE AFTER

What is the Best Color to Paint a Bedroom? Bedroom Wall Painting Ideas for Any Home

 Photo Credit: emily @ go haus go Flickr via Compfight cc Photo adapted from original. Searching for the best paint color for bedrooms can be an overwhelming task. With the plethora of paint colors out there, which should you choose? Because your walls should reflect your own personal style, some of the most trendy and “best” bedroom paint colors out…

Exterior Trim Painting & Siding Update

This customer had us darken up her siding with a modern grey-beige. She called it her special "greige." Then we applied a nice, shiny bright white to her exterior trim and garage doors to make the house pop! BEFORE AFTER

How Often Should You Paint Your House Interior?

If you are hiring professional painters to paint your house interior, you’re likely wondering how often your walls, ceilings, and trim should be painted. While the most popular reason for interior painting is to update the colors of a room, another good reason is for general upkeep to ensure your home always looks great. Your home interior typically doesn’t need…