Benefits of using a color consultant when choosing colors

We’ve all had that feeling of envy when perusing a magazine or watching a movie and seeing a fabulous space or home. “I wish I could make my hall or living space look like that,” you say to yourself. You may even go down to the local hardware store, grab some paint and accessories and try to recreate these sumptuous spaces yourself. Well the chances are you won’t get the effects you’re looking for. The truth is, transforming a space isn’t just a case of throwing up a coat of paint and hoping for the best. What you need is the professional touch – in most cases this means taking on a color consultant.

So what does a color consultant do?

Sounds like an easy job doesn’t it. Just picking out colors. But the truth is there’s quite a lot of skill involved. A talented consultant will understand the often complex effects of color can have and ensure you get the result you want. This involves taking into account how color engages us mentally and physiologically and the effects of light and darkness. A consultant will also need to have an in-depth knowledge of modern paint colors and decorative finishes, the current trends and accessories, as well as flooring, furnishings and drapery. This means they can give you great decorating ideas for any place and teach you how to “dress” your home inside and out.

And how do they help?

Have you ever had that feeling of walking into a room in your home and felt that something’s just not right? You might put it down to poor lighting, or bad feng shui. But nine times out of ten a bad feeling in a room comes down to the colors of the walls and ceilings. Color is the most important visual element of design in any room, it makes sense that you choose carefully. But these days there are so many paint colors and finishes on the market, it can be a daunting task to pick the right one. Get it wrong and not only have you wasted money and time, you have to start again from scratch.

When a color consultant works with you, you’re able to avoid this guesswork. A professional will understand the effects you’re seeking and create a color palette that is right for your walls and your space, not to mention the furniture and lighting you already have. They will also take into account your trim, ceiling, floors and any other architectural features.

It is also important to remember you’re working with an expert who does this job for a living. You may have strong feelings about wanting the color purple, for example, in your bathroom. Well unless you’re the legendary singer Prince, this could be a disaster and a good color consultant will tell you so. They understand that all colors have undertones that may not be apparent to some people. They will know which undertones are compatible and how they can really change a space. They also understand how colors will change in different lighting conditions and throughout the day. For example you may adore a certain shade of red but your consultant will know that when it absorbs light, it can end up looking orange and will clash with the sofa. This sort of knowledge requires training and experience and can make all the difference when it comes to giving your home the right feel.

In commercial properties

If you are looking for a color scheme for a commercial property or office, the help of a color consultant can be invaluable. The right color can reinforce your brand or message, help you appeal to a certain demographic, age group or gender. People tend to have very strong feelings about certain colors and they may be turned away from your business if you use the wrong ones. A consultant can give you good directions and provide an objective assessment of colors for a workspace or store.

Finally, it’s worth saying that working with a color consultant can be fun and will make you appreciate your home more. You’ll certainly learn about the amazing difference colors can make to rooms and the experience may drive you to make further improvements that add value to you home and make it even more inviting.

We have some of the best color consultants in the business here at Sharper Impressions. So if you’re seeking to get the right feel in your home, why not get in touch? Our expertise will transform your home.