Best Interior Paint Colors for Dark Rooms

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best paint colors for dark rooms

Not all rooms are created equal. Some rooms have plenty of windows, allowing ample opportunity for natural light to stream in. Other rooms…not so much. It’s not always possible to brighten a low-light space by adding a window, skylight, or door. But you can use certain interior paint colors to brighten up dark rooms.

If you’re hoping to add light to a dark room, paint color plays a big role. A study from the American Coatings Association found that “painting a room with a bright color results in both direct and indirect electrical savings.”

Lighting is important when it comes to choosing paint colors. If you want to make sure you’ll love the way your paint looks, choose something that will blend well with the type (and amount) of existing lighting in the room. But which color should you choose? Let’s find out.

What’s are the Best Paint Colors for Dark Rooms?

Here are some paint colors for low-light and dark rooms that we think you should consider for your next interior painting project.

Candlelit Beige

candlelit beige paint color for low-light room

This pale, bright, sun-soaked white paint color has a dandelion undertone. Not only is it one of PPG’s 2022 paint color trends, it’s the perfect way to brighten up a dark space. Because it’s neutral, Candlelit Beige pairs well with just about any other color, whether in the form of a painted accent wall, decor, or furniture.

Winter’s Breath

good paint color for low-light room winter's breath

We adore the look of this soft, neutral, arctic blue shade with a twilight undertone. It looks fantastic with other shades of blue in a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. Winter’s Breath is an interior paint color that’s sure to bring the outdoors in and boost the brightness in your low-light room.



If you’re looking for something that makes your room brighter with a unique flair, consider Ancestral. This interior paint color is a midtone, neutral, raspberry chocolate purple with a dusty rose undertone. It looks especially beautiful in a bedroom and you can multiply its beauty with silver or ivory accents and decor.

Pine Whisper

pine whisper

Want something that brightens the room but also adds a pop of color? Consider Pine Whisper — a midtone, neutral, verdant green with a teal undertone. We predict green shades to grow in popularity throughout 2022, and this is one that isn’t too dark or subdued. It brings the perfect amount of brightness to a low-light space.

Magic Wand

magic wand

Blues will also trend in 2022, and for good reason. Magic Wand is a soft yet vibrant shade of blue that brings the outside in, kind of like having the sky within the walls of your home. This PPG paint is a light, subdued, baby blue with an indigo undertone.

Chilled Mint

chilled mint

There’s something so refreshing about a bright shade of mint green. We love the look of this Chilled Mint paint color with a grassy undertone. It’s a soft, pure, granny smith green that’s perfect for a bathroom or guest room — any room you’d like to give a comforting, uplifting vibe.

Atrium White

atrium white

If you’re looking for something neutral with a tiny bit of color, consider Atrium White. This shade is a pale, gray, cosmetic white with a sandy undertone. You can also use it to paint the trim in a dark room, but pair it with a warm wall color like any of those listed above.

There are plenty of beautiful shades of paint on the market that can brighten up a low-light room. Depending on which direction your room faces, the change in sunlight will give each of these colors a varying shade throughout the day. Luckily, they’re light enough to brighten up a dark room all day long.

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