What Color Should I Paint My Basement? How to Choose the Best Paint Colors for Basements

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More and more homeowners are utilizing their basement spaces beyond dark, storage caves for stuff that doesn’t belong upstairs. Play rooms, extra bedrooms, media rooms, kitchens and bathrooms are going into basements to make them into usable bonus living spaces. And even if you don’t build out your basement, you will still want to paint the walls.

best paint colors for basement

Best Paint Colors for Basements

So what colors are best for basements, and how do you choose the best paint color for your basement? Here are our tips.

Best Finished Basement Paint Colors

Most basements lack the bright, natural light of upper floors so the color you put on the walls can make a huge difference in the overall vibe of the space. In general, we recommend painting finished basements in bright whites or very light cool greys or blues. These lighter colors (along with great interior lighting) can help your finished basement space feel airy and spacious, even without windows.

Best light-reflecting paint colors for basements:

Delicate White–a true, crisp white with no undertone

Gypsum–a pale grey-white

Fuzzy Unicorn–a neutral white with red undertones

Best Basement Family Room Paint Colors

If you have the luxury of setting up a second family room or bonus room in your basement, we still recommend keeping the overall tone light. But if you do have a few windows, or you’re strategic with your overhead, task and ambient lighting, you can go a little richer with the paint color in these rooms. Light greige or mushroom colors can work well here, as well as lighter, dusty blues and greens.

Our favorite paint colors for basement family room:

Kangaroo–a cozy, cappuccino beige

El Capitan–a midtone greige

Mirror Mirror–a light, dusty blue

Best Basement Bedroom Paint Colors

The basement bedroom (and media room, below) are two basement rooms you can go darker and richer with color. And why not? If you’re going to put a bedroom in the basement, you might as well embrace that cozy, cave-like feel for some of the best sleep ever. But don’t just go dark to go dark. Choose colors with richness and depth, which can play nicely with textured linens, wood accents, plush carpets or rugs and warm bedside lighting.

Best paint colors for basement bedroom:

Chinese Porcelain–the PPG 2020 Color of the Year; a shaded, orchid blue

Purple Dusk–a deep, dusty violet-purple

Sea Glass–a dark, shaded jade-green

Best Basement Playroom Paint Colors

Some families choose to put their kids’ playrooms in the basement, which is a fantastic way to keep upper floors uncluttered (and quiet!). The basement playroom can also break the bright white or light colors rule, because it truly can be the “funnest” room in your home without feeling out of place with the rest of your design scheme. This is the room where you can really go wild, if you so choose, and make it a space that inspires and drives your kids’ own creativity and sense of play.

Great paint colors for basement playroom:

Artesian Well–a saturated bright teal-aqua

Sweet Sheba–a pure, rusty sherbet-orange

Harbor Sky–a bright bay blue

Best Basement Media Room Paint Colors

Like the basement bedroom, the basement media room can handle darker, richer colors with depth. If you’ve been dying to try that “movie curtain” red in your home, or paint a full room in charcoal, this is the room to do it.

In fact, while we wouldn’t recommend a true black paint color in the basement media room, we do think “the darker, the better” in this space. You’ll want a room where the screen can be the focal point so you can immerse yourself in the experience of gaming or watching a movie. Choose deeper colors that embrace that basement “cave” feeling while enhancing your entertainment experience.

Best paint colors for your basement media room:

Blackberry–dark charcoal-purple

Cavalry–dark grey twilight blue

Onyx–cool black with a stone undertone

Best Unfinished Basement Colors

We don’t want to assume that all basements are finished. In fact, some unfinished basements can still make for great storage spaces, playrooms and laundry rooms. You will still want to paint your unfinished basement, and not just for aesthetic reasons. Paint helps keep moisture, mold and mildew at bay in a space that tends to have these issues more than other parts of the house.

We still recommend using bright whites in unfinished basements, and to use a paint specifically formulated for basements or damper spaces. If you have a hard time keeping your basement dry, and notice water spots or mildew stains on the walls, have a professional painting company paint your unfinished basement. They’ll know the right basement paint formula to use and will make sure not to cut corners because it’s “just” a basement.

No matter what color you choose to paint your basement, trust a professional painting company to get the job done for you. They’ll often offer free consultations and work quickly so that you can enjoy your newly painted basement as soon as possible.

Professional Basement Painting

Our professional basement paint experts are ready to help you paint your basement bonus room, media room or bedroom. We offer free consultations and can even consult on color, as needed. Contact us today for a free basement painting quote.