Best Warm Neutral Paint Colors for Interior Walls

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warm neutral colors

There’s a myth that choosing neutrals for your next interior painting project is the “easy” paint color choice. In reality, neutrals can be tricky. Like other colors, neutrals can be warm or cool toned, which can affect how they look against wood or painted trim or in different types of light. We’re going to try to take some of the guesswork out of choosing your next neutral. Read on to learn more!

Best Warm Neutral Paint Colors for Interior Walls

When it comes to choosing any paint color for your home, you can follow some general guidelines. These guidelines are even more important when you’re deciding which warm neutrals (neutrals that have yellow or beige undertones) to use. Here are some of our best guidelines for choosing warm neutrals.

1.How much natural light does the room receive?

Warm neutrals can really pop in rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light during the day. Their yellow, orange or beige undertones bring sunshine into darker rooms. Cooler neutrals tend to suffer a bit in darker spaces since they can feel chilly instead of cozy.

One of the best things, though, about warm neutrals is that they won’t overwhelm the eye like a more saturated warm color will. A warm neutral can take a darker space and make it feel inviting and toasty without drawing focus from the room itself.

  1. What direction is the light facing?

If your room does get a lot of light, but you gravitate to warm neutral colors, they stand up well in northern or southern facing rooms. When they’re not competing with direct east or west sunlight, they can add an understated vibrance to the room without skewing too beige or yellow.

  1. What color is your trim and/or woodwork and cabinets?

If your interior trim is already painted in a warm neutral color, or if you have warmer woods in your shelving or cabinets, warm neutrals will pair well. In some cases, the right warm neutral can help tone down brassy wood tones that can be an eyesore against cooler colors.

  1. What color is your furniture and/or accessories?

Like your woodwork or trim, furniture colors and accessories can also be warm toned. Complementary warm neutrals will help your furniture look like it “belongs” in your space, rather than compete with it.

  1. What is your whole house color scheme?

If the rest of your home is painted in cooler tones, you might want to skip a warm neutral paint color, especially in your larger gathering spaces (though we are always fans of people taking color risks in smaller spaces, like half-baths). But if the rest of your whole house color scheme trends toward warm, a warm neutral is a great addition. It will feel as though your rooms blend seamlessly into each other, instead of clashing.

Once you’ve thought through these guidelines, you can also drill a little deeper and decide which undertones you like best for your warm neutral colors. Warm undertones can be shades of yellow, beige, orange or even pink, brown or red. The ever-popular “greige” has brown or beige undertones. Or, one of the most popular warm neutrals we’re seeing everywhere is a variation on “blush” which has a warm, dusty pink undertone.

Thinking through what type of undertone you want can be helpful, but it’s not entirely necessary, especially if you still feel a little lost in choosing a warm neutral color.

That’s where we come in. We’ll share a few of our favorite warm neutrals from PPG to give you a starting point. We can also provide a free color consultation if you choose to work with us (and many other reputable paint companies offer this service if you’re not in one of our service areas).

Warm Neutral Gray Colors

warm neutral gray

Gray paint had a huge popularity surge in the last decade. While that could easily make this color look outdated (like it did after its last heydey in the 80s), the warmer undertones in these neutrals below make gray feel anything but industrial or cold. In fact, the following grays would make any room feel like a cozy hideaway.

Earl Gray–we love this warm neutral grey for its complexity (yes, neutrals can have a little of that!). Is it grey? Is it beige? Do we detect a hint of pink? Either way, this gray is perfect for rooms where you need depth and coziness without the color feeling dark or oppressive.

French Gray Linen–this warm neutral could almost fit in  under our pink and yellow warm neutral section below. This gray gives a hint of aged brass without being too yellow. It looks great in rooms with lots of natural textures, like wool or jute.

Whippet--ever wish you could find a paint color to match your dog? We like Whippet for how it evokes soft, warm fur. This velvety tone is the perfect restful color for a master bedroom.

Warm Neutral Beige Colors

warm neutral beige

Greige took Pinterest by storm a few years ago, and is the staple backdrop for many homes and apartments. What we love about greige is that even though it’s related to beige, there is nothing boring or bland about this warm neutral. Check out our favorite beige and greige colors from PPG.

Synchronicity–this warm neutral beige has some grey in it, but flips warm with its peachy undertones. It’s the perfect interior wall color for combination living, dining and kitchen rooms (great rooms).

Ashen–this yellow undertone greige is a deeper neutral that lends stateliness to a room. In many ways, it “feels” like a color, but in fact lends itself as a perfect neutral backdrop in a bedroom or office.

Stonehenge Greige–one of our all-time favorite colors! In fact, we recommend this color to many clients, namely because it gives depth to a room without ever feeling dark or overwhelming. It pops against white trim and cabinets, or helps too-yellow oak floors feel like they belong in this decade instead of back in the 90s.

Warm Neutral White and Cream Colors

warm neutral white

For you minimalists out there, warm neutral white and cream colors can help you avoid your rooms taking a stark or boring turn. We love these cream and white warm neutrals from PPG because they bring life to a room but don’t come with the risk of more saturated colors.

China White–a veiled, warm neutral white with khaki undertones. This white works well for an office with rich, dark wood shelving or furniture.

Summer Wheat--this caramel colored cream would pair well with shabby chic design. Summer Wheat goes beautifully with milk painted shelves and cabinets, and baskets of fluffy blankets.

Navajo White--this warm neutral white also has khaki undertones, but has a touch of grey to make it even more interesting. It would be a nice warm neutral for a room that has shifting light throughout the day, and pairs well with darker wood trim and cabinets.

Warm Neutral Pink and Yellow Colors

warm neutral pink

It’s easy for pinks and yellows to go very, very wrong. But these warm neutrals will make your room look trendy and sophisticated without a “dated” feel.

Pearls and Lace–this warm neutral pink doesn’t scream “pink” but instead pairs nicely with bright painted trim and finishes.

Moroccan Moonlight–this warm neutral is in the blush family but is technically beige with a red undertone. It’s perfect if you’re scared of pink but like the warmth that a pink undertone brings to a room.

Vanilla Milkshake–this “sandy white” warm neutral brings a little sunshine into a room without the “in your face” vibrance of a fully saturated yellow. A perfect backdrop for great art and warm woods.

If you’re interested in an interior painting project with warm neutrals, contact a professional painting company in your area. They’ll help you find the right shade that blends with your home’s light, furniture and decor.

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