Brick Limewash and Painting Project

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Sharpen up your home with a process that has its roots in ancient Egypt and is still used today. Limewash is an age-old “paint” that has stood the test of time and is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and near zero VOC. Limewash also allows brick and stone to breathe and is a natural insect repellent. Limewash is often white but is also available in shades of gray, brown, and taupe, which can create a unique new look for your home.

We asked one of our expert Managers, Chris, a few questions about a recent limewash job he did. The homeowners knew they wanted to change the look of their house but were unsure what route to take. After seeing pictures of limewashed brick, they decided that could be a great look for their house. According to Chris, the preparation was very similar to a traditional paint project, and the duration was about the same. Chris worked closely with the homeowners to achieve the effect they envisioned, and they were “thrilled beyond their expectations.”

If you are searching for a new look for your brick home that adds character and value, consider limewash as an option. Whether you choose limewash because it is an eco-friendly alternative to paint or whitewash or because you love the timeless look, Sharper Impressions Painting can help you create a unique look for your house.

Benefits and Aesthetics of Limewash for Brick and Stone Surfaces

Limewash is a paint made from hydrated lime, water, and pigments, traditionally used for brick and stone surfaces. It is breathable and non-toxic due to its natural ingredients and lacks harmful volatile organic compounds. Limewash is durable, mold, mildew, and algae-resistant, easy to maintain, and can be used indoors and outdoors. We often limewash interior fireplace brick areas. Its unique aesthetic is achieved by its ability to absorb into the surface, providing a natural and textured finish that’s softer and more muted than traditional paint. Limewash comes in many shades of color and offers a timeless and elegant look while enhancing a brick home’s natural beauty and value.

Brick That Has Been Limewashed

HOA Approval for Limewashing Projects: What to Expect

Getting HOA approval for a limewashing project can differ depending on the HOA’s specific requirements. In this case, approval was obtained relatively quickly, possibly due to the project’s simplicity or the HOA’s streamlined approval process. A digital rendering of the project may be necessary for the HOA to visualize the design. It is crucial to collaborate with the HOA to ensure all necessary approvals are secured before starting a limewash project because, when done correctly, the brick coating will last a very long time.

Brick, Window Frame, and Door Painting

Limewashing Brick: Cost and Longevity

Limewashing a residence typically costs around two dollars per square foot, with this specific project costing around eight thousand dollars. The process takes about five days and includes preparation such as power washing, scraping, priming, caulking, and painting non-brick surfaces. Limewash is a permanent solution that can last 10-20 years. Occasionally, minor touch-ups may be needed every 8 years in high weather or traffic areas. When hiring a limewash contractor, it is essential to choose one who is experienced and has a proven track record of delivering high-quality results. Testing a small area before starting the project is important to confirm the desired outcome. Chris is experienced in thickening limewash test areas or thinning the test areas out as the homeowner desires. Proper bleed or exposure to the underlying brick to give the accented look at the suitable locations on the side of the house is paramount for the aesthetics of the time-honored limewashing look.

Steps to Prepare Bricks for Limewashing

Following a few essential steps is necessary to prepare for a successful limewash application. First, it is crucial to repair any damage to the brick before the application. Next, the brick should be thoroughly cleaned with a solution of bleach or Simple Green using pressure washing (also called power washing) to ensure no damage is done to the mortar joints. By completing these steps, the brick will be structurally sound and free of debris, providing a suitably clean surface for the limewash application.

Brick Limewash Painting Is An Art

Painting and Limewashing Techniques Used in Home Renovation

Different areas of the home were painted with different colors and sheens to add interest while maintaining a cohesive look. The rails were painted a different color with a satin/gloss sheen to create subtle contrast and visual interest. The rest of the trim was painted (acrylic latex) the same color as the brick with a satin sheen to create a seamless transition between the two. The brick steps leading to the front door were also limewashed to create a polished look that complements the main façade.

Timeframe for Limewashing Projects

Limewashing a surface involves preparing the surface, mixing the limewash, and applying it to the surface. The project’s duration depends on factors like the surface’s size and condition and the team’s expertise. Generally, a limewash project should take the same time as a typical brick painting project. For the mentioned project, it took 5 days to complete. However, the time may vary based on the project’s specifics and the weather.

Brick Limewashed Around Front Door

How to get your home painted & Limewashed by Sharper Impressions Painting

Sharper Impressions Painting is an industry leader in limewashing and painting homes for over 30 years, completing many limewash, whitewash, and brick paintings per season. They have a team of experienced professionals who consider each home’s brick’s unique color and texture. If you’re looking for an experienced and reputable company to limewash/paint your brick, visit their website at to learn more and request a free quote. They have a long history of providing high-quality work and excellent customer service and have a reputation for their extensive brick limewashing work in many areas of town, including the exclusive Martin’s Landing neighborhood where this project was completed.

The Advantages of Limewashing for Your Home

Limewashing is an excellent option for homeowners who want to enhance the look of their home in a natural, breathable, and eco-friendly way. It offers a unique aesthetic that can be customized to any style of architecture. Limewashing is also practical because it allows moisture to evaporate, preventing damage to brick or stone surfaces in areas with high humidity. Moreover, limewashing is a cost-effective way to add value to a property and improve its curb appeal, which can be beneficial when selling a home.