Charity Painting Project Leaves a Big “Impression”

Another busy summer comes to a close but before we pack away the bathing suits, I wanted to take a moment to thank some folks for one of the greatest experiences Sharper Impressions Painting had this summer – or any season for that matter.

There’s a place across town called New Horizons Transitional Housing. This collection of two-story apartment buildings is home to about 40 men and women who have spent the majority of their lives fighting an uphill battle, either chronically homeless or mentally ill. They’ve traveled a road most of us will never see. And through grace and hard work, they’ve come out on the other side, with hope for a different path.

New Horizons Housing offers a new start, a new outlook on life. But, the buildings aren’t in the best of shape – inside or out. So some great folks from the Community Shelter Board and our local chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) pooled their resources and created a 3-year long initiative to update the structural décor. To date, labor and materials for refurbishment of all 9 apartments have been donated by this group of lovely people.

Through Ruthanne Hanlon, our awesome local color consultant, Sharper Impressions Painting was invited to join the project. We spent 4 full days prepping and painting, donating roughly 150 hours of labor. As with any job, our painters worked with pride and precision, delivering a top-quality paint job that any homeowner would be pleased with.

But this was a bit different. When we packed up our gear to leave, we watched as many of the residents gazed at the work with tears in their eyes. “It’s too good to be true… This is a blessing… This has never happened to me in my whole, entire life,” was one resident’s response. I can’t tell you how moved we were to witness such gratitude for our work. In nearly 18 years of painting, this was by far, the biggest paycheck we’ve ever received.

For the grateful people who live in the New Horizons apartments, a fresh coat of paint and some beautiful new furnishings means a lot. And, although most will be moving on in a matter of months, this is a much-needed oasis; a clean, safe place for them to gain strength to move forward with their lives.

So, thanks to all our friends at ASID, especially committee leaders Connie Lane Christy and Karen James. And a big “Thank you” to the outstanding Sharper Impressions Painting crew who – once again – went above and “beyond the brush.”

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