Choosing the Right Paint Color

Choosing a paint color can be one of the most difficult decorating decisions, but with a few tips it’s easy.

One, pick your favorite object in the room it can be a rug, wall art, or a piece of furniture. The colors in this piece will set the scheme for the rest of the room.

Two, pick colors that match that favorite piece and coordinate those.

Three, pick accents to bring the color scheme together for most people, the “best part” of choosing colors is completing the look with accents and furniture. Everything from chairs to window treatments can help coordinate your color scheme.

Extra note; Carefully choose your color theme like cool colors give the illusion of space, while warm colors tend to create warm and cozy spaces.

Once you have made a decision on your colors go to your local paint store and purchase small samples of them and try them on the wall. A lot of people will run out and buy gallons of paint without trying it and end up disliking. In order to prevent this try the colors on first.

One last thing to consider when choosing paint color is sheen. In high traffic areas or areas where the walls might need whipped down like kitchens, bathrooms, foyers or your child’s bedroom you should use an eggshell or satin sheen for easy clean up. For low traffic areas, walls with imperfections or large vaulted rooms a flat sheen may be the best choice.