Creating a Guest Haven

With Spring Break and Summer vacation fast approaching, we will probably all be having family and friends come to stay with us.

For years I really didn’t think much about my guest bedroom. It had a functional bed, a dresser, and some empty hangers in the closet. Then I went to stay with a very gracious friend and all of that changed. Upon my arrival home, I turned my guest room into a guest haven.

The first step is a fresh coat of paint. For a guest room, I recommend soft, calming colors to soothe the weary traveler such as a soft blue, grey, green, and taupe. Set these colors off with clean white trim.

Now that you have the basics, it’s time to move on to bedding. Nothing feels quite as good as crisp and fresh cotton linens. I recommend going with all white for linens. You can use bleach to keep them looking new, and white goes with everything. The next step is pillows. I go way over the top on pillows so that it kind of looks like a harem. Your guest may end up tossing most of the pillows on the floor at night, but they will appreciate having an assortment of them to choose from. Nothing can ruin a good night’s sleep like a bad pillow. I also tend to buy inexpensive pillows so that I can replace them often for my germ phobic friends.

It’s time for the finishing touches. Fresh flowers, a basket filled with candy, fruit, and books or magazines will make your guests feel like they are really being taken care of.

As a final note; if you have the guest that refuses to leave you can always leave a piece of stinky cheese or fish under their bed.