Customer Service – The Sharper Difference

When it comes to customer service, you won’t find a painting company that has the process down like Sharper Impressions Painting.

“We’re proud to push a 96.7 percent customer satisfaction rating,” said Geoff Sharp, Owner and Founder of Sharper Impressions Painting. “Having that kind of satisfaction rating, it makes me, as the owner and founder of this company, feel so proud of what we’re doing each and every day.”

From interiors to exteriors, customers have been highly impressed by the work our company provides for them. In order to maintain this high satisfaction rating, we are always getting feedback and criticism from each and every customer we work for.

“Every single Sharper Impressions Painting Company customer gets a satisfaction form to fill out,” Geoff said. “Just like in grade school, you grade us on all the things that matter.”

Customers get the chance to grade and comment on different parts of their experience with Sharper Impressions Painting including preparation, scheduling, coverage, color consulting, management and if you would recommend Sharper Impressions to friends and family.

In order to make sure that each Sharper Impressions customer is happy with their experience, our staff is available to speak six day a week!

“We’ve got a full staff working from the morning all the way into the evening, Monday through Friday, answering the phone for our customers,” Geoff said. “We’re also here on Saturdays, especially during the busy seasons — Spring, Summer and Fall.”

As the owner of the company, Geoff also touches each satisfaction form personally to ensure that each customer is happy with their experience and the final product of each home that is painted.

On top of the hands-on approach to customer satisfaction, Sharper Impressions has been painting homes for 23 years, which is a testament to the superb services that we provide our customers.

“I’m very proud of the history that we have,” Geoff said. “We’ve painted thousands and thousands of homes over a 23-year timespan. So odds are, if we see something on someone’s home or commercial property that’s new or different, a problem or a paint area, we either know what to do in that situation or know who to go to for the right answer.”

If you are looking for a painting company to paint your home this fall, we’re here provide you with the best customer service! Schedule a FREE painting quote today!