Decorate with Paint!

Paint can be one of the easiest, least expensive, and most effective decorating tools.  What else can have such a big impact on the look of a room?  To learn how to decorate with paint, read on.

Decorating with paint is actually very simple.  Take a look around the room that you want to change.  Are most of the furnishings and accessories neutral or full of color and pattern?

If your furnishings and accessories are neutral; with little to no pattern, solid colors, wood or metal, consider painting your walls a bold color.  Imagine how beautiful those neutral pieces will look against a spicy red or orange wall.  Think of how they will look against a rich earthy green, trendy grey or warm, chocolate brown.

On the other hand if your current furniture and accessories are patterned, striped or bold colors, do just the opposite.  Show off your furniture with calming neutral walls that will make them pop.  Remember, neutral DOESN’T have to be beige.  Green, grey, taupe, browns, blacks and whites are also neutral.


So next time you want to re-decorate a room, don’t head to the furniture store, head to the paint store or call your paint professional.  You’ll be glad you decided to decorate with paint.