Founder Geoff Sharp Answers 5 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most important thing to look/ask for from a painting contractor?

REFERENCES, REFERENCES, REFERENCES! Ask for both old and new references to ensure the current quality of work and confirm that the painter has jobs that have lasted a long time.

It is critical to make sure the contractor has:

Before the painters start painting, be sure to confirm:

  • whether they are going to apply 2 coats or 1,
  • what brand and level of paint will they apply (you can buy good paint brands that have cheap paints or top quality paints, you get what you pay for in paint, so make sure your painter buys a top level product)
  • your home should be power washed (pressure washed) prior to painting,
  • preparation work should be detailed on your quote/contract,
  • exact price of the work should be clear and discuss any additional charges that may be added to a paint job like yours

How often should exterior paint be refreshed?

There are different general guidelines for renewing exterior paint

  • Decks 1-2 years
  • Fences 1-4 years
  • Trim on homes 5-10 years
  • Wood siding on home 5-10 years
  • Stucco 10+ years
  • Hardie plank or aluminum siding 10+ years

Why was it important for you to run a “green” company?

We are only renting this big blue planet and it is imperative we leave it as clean as we can for the next generation. Often, damages to the environment can be permanent; fortunately, painting your home does not have to cause any damage to you or the environment. Latex paints, (hardly any oil based paints are used anymore) are waterborne and the norm now for the residential repainting industry. Low VOC paints, which dry without harmful emissions, protect the home, the occupants and the air.

In the past year, my company has erased our server carbon footprint, gone nearly paperless in our office, operated temperature control units that turn off heating and cooling during down office times, installed energy efficient insulation and new skylights to reduce the amount of energy used for lighting and heating the office and warehouse.  Hopefully your painting contractor is doing his best to protect our environment also.

Why is prep work (preparation) so important?

90% of any good paint job is prep work; it makes the final paint job look good and last a long time

  • Power-washing – to ensure the surface is clean and the paint will stick. Click Here for more information.
  • Tape and tarp – to protect surfaces and create nice clean cut lines
  • Caulking – seals gaps and joints from weathering, bugs and makes the surface look solid and universal
  • Scrape – removes old paint so it doesn’t cause the new paint to flake/peel/blister
  • Prime – protects and seals the exposed wood grains, then has a nice smooth surface for the top coat to stick
  • Paint – always 2 coats, any color, will last twice as long, looks thick and rich

What are common reasons your interior needs repainted?

The most popular reason for painting an interior is to update/change the color of the walls.

Another reason is for upkeep. Some common reasons to freshen up are:

  • dents, scuffs, dirt, dust, animal hair, moisture stains, and faded walls from sunlight

The third biggest reason to repaint is to upgrade the quality of paint. When you repaint the walls with a top quality, deep, rich paint, the colors are deeper and the final result will look beautiful for a long time.

Ceilings usually last twice as long as the walls.  So often customers paint the ceilings every other time they get their walls painted.

  • Over time they yellow out from sunlight, and smoke/moisture/oils.
  • When you properly paint a ceiling, it can add an amazing amount of brightness to any room

Often a room’s trim, windows and doors will need painted as well. There are generally two reasons people choose to repaint these areas:

  • To freshen up the area that gets a lot of abuse from foot traffic, vacuum cleaners and everyday wear and tear.
  • To change an old, dated and dark wood trim color to an updated, fresh, bright glossy paint