HOA Painting Guidelines: Tips for Choosing the Best Exterior Paint Color for Your HOA Community

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hoa community painting guidelines

In some neighborhoods, homeowners can paint the exterior of their homes any color they’d like, as often as they’d like (or don’t like). In other neighborhoods, homeowners must first get approval from their homeowner’s association (HOA). Guidelines, approval processes and requirements tend to differ from HOA to HOA, so here is some of our best advice for choosing the best exterior paint color for your HOA community.

Tips for Choosing the Best Exterior Paint Color for Your HOA Community

First things first: not all HOAs are the same. We will list some general tips and best practices in this article, but always make sure you understand your particular HOA’s guidelines before choosing your paint color or hiring a painting company for your home.

Now that we’ve got our little disclaimer out of the way, here’s some of our best tips for choosing the best exterior paint color and exterior painting services for your HOA Community.

Contact your HOA property manager before choosing an exterior paint color

The only way you should ever start choosing exterior paint for you home in an HOA community is by contacting your HOA property manager or board. Yes, we gave this disclaimer above, but we thought it was worth repeating. Know your HOA’s approval process and always speak to the HOA property manager or board before painting!

Any time you don’t follow the exact steps for your neighborhood’s paint approval process, you risk incurring–at best–the irritation of your HOA, and even more likely will incur a fine for the infraction. And it may not end there. Some HOAs also give you a deadline to change the paint color (at your own cost) and may fine you again if you don’t meet the deadline. So even if the approval process is arduous, stick with it until you have the blessing of your HOA to paint. It will save you time and money in the end.

Bottom line: always understand your HOAs guidelines for paint color AND your HOAs process for paint color approval before starting your project.

Consult with a professional painting company about exterior painting in your HOA community

Your HOA may already have an approved list of painting companies that they allow to paint the exterior of your home. Or, they may allow you to hire your own professional painting company. Either way, this professional painting company will want to understand the approval process and the guidelines of your HOA as they consult with you on the project. This way, they’re sure to deliver the end result you need so both you and your HOA are happy.

Your professional painting company can also help you choose the right colors. Even better, they may already have the approved list of colors on file. Many HOAs require that you submit a swatch of the color you’d like to paint your home’s exterior when you apply or request to paint, and your painting pros can help with this process. If guidelines specify that you must choose a neutral color for your home, your painter can give you options in that range, or may have ideas for great neutrals beyond boring beige. They can also paint swatches on your home and allow the HOA to approve that way.

Some professional painting companies may also be able to mock up a digital rendering of your color, or have a dedicated color consultant on staff to help you narrow your choices further.

Bottom line: work in tandem with a painting company at the start of your process. Many let you get a free quote, and if they’ve worked in your neighborhood before, they can help you navigate your HOAs approval process.

Ask your neighbors for guidance on choosing the best exterior paint color for your HOA community

Take a look around your neighborhood and chat with your neighbors. If you’re dying to paint your home’s exterior a distinguished navy, but all the homes in your neighborhood are in shades of stone, it’s likely you may be limited to this color palette. You may also be limited to historical colors, depending on the age of your neighborhood.

Your neighbors will have the inside scoop on the best practices and ways to choose your colors and get them approved by the HOA, especially if they’ve painted recently themselves. They may even have leftover swatches or samples they’ll let you have or borrow. But don’t fall in love with a color just on your next door neighbor’s recommendation. While you may love the color of your neighbor’s home, you may be prevented from using that color on your home since it’s right next door.

If you’re worried about compliance, ask your HOA to give you a few examples of neighbors who are great examples of compliance. You may already know these neighbors, or perhaps you can get an idea or two by walking past their house. It may also help you know which questions to ask when you meet with your HOA, or give you an idea of a clever way to use the colors you see on your own home.

Bottom line: your neighbors can be a great help in making sure you get a color you love on the exterior of your home.

Know the cycle for exterior painting in your HOA community

Some HOAs may require that you paint your home every 7-10 years (sometimes regardless of whether or not you’ve lived there for that long yet or not). As you’re checking out your HOAs guidelines and approval process, make sure you understand the last time your home’s exterior was painting and when you might be required to paint again.

Why might this be important? Well, you might hate the exterior color of your home right now, but would be required to re-paint anyway in a year or two. Instead of rushing the process, you can take your time to find and fall in love with a color while also staying on the required schedule for exterior painting. We get it…some colors feel too awful to live with for long, but it may work in your favor to take your time.

Bottom line: make sure you know if your HOA requires regular exterior painting in your neighborhood. Depending on the current age of your exterior paint, it might make more sense to adjust your timeline to fall within these guidelines.

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