Home Interior Painting: Should I Hire Interior Painters or Do it Myself?

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Home Interior Painting Should I Hire Interior Painters or Do It Myself?

Painting the interior of your home can be a wonderful way to revamp the look and feel of any room. Whether you want to add a splash of color on your walls or ceiling, or refresh wall trim, an interior paint job can work wonders — but only if done correctly.

As you search for the perfect paint color for your home, you may also be wondering if you should hire interior painters, or take matters into your own hands. Making simple updates to your home’s decor can often be done on your own without much experience, but hiring professional painters for any interior painting job is the best way to go if you want things done right and to last a long time.

How Hard is it to Paint Your Own House Interior?

While you may think that painting the interior of your home can be fairly easy if you follow guidelines from an online tutorial, it actually takes hiring highly-skilled professional painters to provide your home with a perfectly polished look.

Even if you have been decorating your house for years, you may not know how to paint your walls for maximum coverage, how to repair drywall, which type of paint to choose, or even how to properly prep the room before you paint. For most people, interior painting can be frustrating and a struggle when done without expert painting help.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Interior Painters

When you trust your home painting project to professionals, you will receive the following benefits:

  • High-quality interior painting using the right tools and materials. If you paint your home yourself, you likely won’t be familiar with the proper tools, equipment and paints needed to complete your project. Professional painters know the ins and outs of the best interior painting materials that result in flawless paint jobs that are held to the highest standards. Hiring interior painters will also ensure that each surface is prepped and primed accurately before the first coat of paint goes on.
  • You won’t have to worry about paint messes. Have you ever tried painting something inside your home that left drips of paint all over the place? This happens often when DIY amateur painters don’t know how to properly protect their belongings. Professional interior painters can guarantee that paint splatters are stopped before they start by removing items from your walls, taking down your blinds and curtains, removing outlet covers, and more. A painting company will also accurately place drop cloths on the floor, adhere painting tape, and use painter’s plastic so that your ceiling paint, wall paint, or trim paint colors appear only where they should — and not on your valuables or sentimental items.
  • The project will have a quicker turnaround time. Professional interior painters know that your time is valuable, and work with utmost efficiency so that your paint job is finished in a timely manner. Your painting company will supply you with a team of expert painters to ensure that your project receives the most manpower. This will result in a high-quality paint job that is finished on time and on budget. Painting the interior of your home on your own will take much longer if you don’t have the know-how, proper tools, or enough people to help.
  • You’ll receive paint color expertise. When you hire interior painters, not only will you be provided with a team of skilled experts, you will also have the chance to schedule a free color consultation with a professional color consultant. So, if you are like many people who don’t know how to choose wall paint colors, or are having trouble deciding between a few shades of color for your ceiling, a consultant can help you decide on a new paint hue that complements your room’s size and decor.
  • You can kick back and relax. Because professional painters have years of experience in their field, you can put any worries out of your mind and spend your time doing whatever you choose. Painting your home’s interior by yourself can be a stressful experience, especially when you don’t have expert knowledge. But with a team of interior painters in your corner, you can run errands, take the kids to their sporting events, spend time outdoors, or even head into the office without having to take any time off work.
  • You get a warranty. This covers both labor and materials just in case something goes wrong with the final product. You’ll be provided with your professional painting warranty in writing at the time of your quote.

Professional Interior Painters for Your Home

Choosing to hire a painting company ensures that your walls, ceiling, and trim are in knowledgeable and experienced hands. The hard work your painting team provides will guarantee a high-quality paint job that is stress-free, mess-free, and beautiful for years to come.

Are you ready to revamp your home’s interior with new paint? Get started with a free interior painting quote.