Home Office Painting Colors

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Home Office Painting Color Ideas

Spending a lot of time in your home office lately? A survey published at the end of 2020 found that as many as 1 in 4 Americans will be working remotely in 2021. Yes, that’s a quarter of all Americans working out of their homes. If you’re one of the lucky ones who has a dedicated work space in your house, you’re probably staring at those four walls more than you’d like. What better time to spruce it up than now, with a fresh coat of paint?

As you think about what color to roll onto your walls, consider how you want to feel when you’re hunkered down in your home office. Do you want colors that will boost your productivity, give you energy, and keep you laser-focused on your to-do list? Or are you more inclined to choose colors that promote creativity and optimism?

Let’s dive into some of the top home office painting considerations we expect to see this year.

Shades of Blue

Blue paint comes in so many shades that you’re sure to find the vibe you’re looking for — whether it’s something soothing or something intense. Shades reminiscent of the ocean, for example, can help you imagine yourself on vacation during times of high stress and long hours. Blue also makes a great accent wall color. For example, if you paint one wall a deep blue, you can cut some of its intensity with a lighter shade of the same color.

Blue home office paint color ideas:

Misty Aqua — a soft, muted, tropical turquoise aqua with an aquamarine undertone
Misty Aqua

Superstition — a grey aqua with a turquoise undertone

Blue Beads — a saturated yet shaded orchid blue
Blue Beads

Blue Fjord — a shaded twilight blue with a lavender undertone
Blue Fjord

Greener Pastures

There’s something calming about muted shades of green that makes it perfect for a home office. Step into your forest retreat with shades reminiscent of moss, green fields, or summer foliage. Green invokes feelings of life and growth — something we all need to feel as we stare into our computers for hours each day.

Green home office paint color ideas:

Silver leaf — a midtone, subdued, billiard green with an azure undertone
Silver Leaf

Salal leaves — a deep, shaded, billiard green with an azure undertone
Salal Leaves

Gargoyle — a midtone, neutral, glass bottle green with a viney undertone

Whimsical Green — an emerald green with jungle undertones
Whimsical Green

Walking on Yellow Sunshine

Let the light in with some pops of yellow in your home office. Whether you have tons of windows and sunshine already streaming in, or your office is in a dimly-lit room or windowless basement, yellow can brighten things up. It’s also a color used for sparking creativity and energy, so if you work in a creative field, yellow walls might be perfect for you.

That’s not to say you have to choose a yellow that’s bright and alarming. There are so many shades, you’re sure to find one more muted and subtle if that’s what you prefer.

Yellow home office paint color ideas:

Autumn Glow — a soft, muted, glow stick yellow with a sunflower undertone
Autumn Glow

Yellow Coneflower — a sunny yellow with mustard undertones
Yellow Coneflower

Festival Yellow — a pure yellow with sunflower undertones
Festival Yellow

May Tulip Yellow — a citrus yellow with dijon undertones
May Tulip Yellow

Fresh Lemonade — a saturated, pure, glowing firefly yellow-green with a chartreuse undertone
Fresh Lemonade

Passionate Red

Red is a color known for making people feel energized and passionate — two emotions that go well with career growth and productivity. Paired with contrasting trim, crown moulding and furniture, a splash of red on your home office walls is sure to fire you up. And similar to intense shades of blue, bold shades of red on an accent wall look nice against more neutral, muted surrounding walls.

Red home office paint color ideas:

Pizza Pie — a deep, subdued, spiced red with a Sedona red-rock undertone
Pizza Pie

Fire Weed — a subdued red with oaky undertones
Fire Weed

Brick Dust — a deep merlot red with dusty undertones
Brick Dust

Burled Redwood — a subdued red with brown and orange undertones
Burled Redwood

Ruby Lips — a dark, subdued, rusty red with a chocolate undertone
Ruby Lips

Remember: The color of your home office walls can influence how you feel as you spend your days working from home. Team up with professional painters who can turn your home office into the productive, creative, energetic space you want it to be.

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