Honey honey honey honey honeyyyy!

You may recall about 7 years ago, the Sharper Impressions Painting team installed and painted bee boxes near their offices.

After a long and brutal winter, the bee hive has met it’s demise.

The queen and her worker bees lasted about 4 years longer than the average hive however.

We sure are proud of our bees!


There is a silver lining to this story however.

We had over 6 pounds of deep, dark delicious honey that we extracted from the hive!

Some of that great tasting honey made it’s way to the employees, friends, family and loyal customers.

Rumor has it that a repeat customer even plans on taking a bottle for his home brew beer making efforts and will release a “Sharper Honey Brew” later this summer.

Enjoy the great weather as Spring is here and the honey flows!