House Painted in 2 Minutes From A Drone’s Perspective

If you’ve had your home painted by us, you’ve seen our painters on the ladders, reaching those high peaks, but now you can see what it’s like to paint a house from a bird’s eye view. Not only that but you can experience an entire Sharper Impressions Painting project in only two minutes!

In the beginning of the video, our painters start by painting the gutters above the facade of the home and the garage. They then start painting the siding of the house from the top left corner and make their way towards the bottom. Notice how each brush of paint is precise and do not mix with the white trim around the windows and door. That’s what separates professional painters from the do-it-yourself painters.

Over the course of the day, the painting team moves down the house. Thanks to the awesome time-lapse footage, you can see that our team works diligently and efficiently. By the time the team gets to the garage, the house is already looking brand new again.

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