How to Choose the Right Color When Painting Your Kitchen

Long gone are the days when the kitchen was thought of as being a sterile, white space. And if you’ve been thinking about giving the heart of your home a makeover, there’s no better time to do it than now. After all, with Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, chances are the family – or at least the designated chef – will be spending even more time than usual in the kitchen. So whether you’ll be the one slaving over a hot stove, or your family traditionally gathers in the kitchen to help, hinder, or eat, you should take advantage of the run up to the holiday season and create a space that makes the winter celebrations even more memorable.

Obviously the first stage of painting your kitchen is to choose your color scheme – something that is easier said than done, as there are a number of things to consider, not least the size of your space and the amount of natural light it receives. Kitchens are normally also busy places – both in terms of foot traffic and in the amount of fixtures and fittings they contain – so choosing a color that won’t show up sticky fingerprints AND won’t make the space look too cluttered is also important. So how do you even get started on choosing a color?

Basic rules for picking kitchen colors

Whether you are going for a full kitchen refit or simply painting the walls, let your cabinets set the tone for the direction you want to take, as these are the room’s main focus. If you are going to paint them, you need to make sure that the paint you choose for the walls is complementary. If you are leaving them white or in their natural wood state, you have more freedom. Assuming you are also changing backsplashes or countertops, pick out colors for these next.

If you are just painting the walls, then make the color count – there’s not much wall space in a typical kitchen, so you want to pick a hue that has an impact.

You also need to know what effect both natural and artificial light will have on your chosen shades. Do your kitchen’s windows face north or south? Light coming from the north is usually cooler than that coming from a southerly direction. Does your kitchen receive much sunlight? The movements of the sun – as it rises, sets, and moves in and out of clouds – will leave your room bathed in different lighting effects during the day, something that will make the same color look different depending on the hour and the weather.

So what color should you paint your kitchen? Some ideas.

If you have a large kitchen that the whole family uses, one slightly unusual option is orange. Not the first color most people have in mind when picking kitchen paint, for sure – but it creates a cheerful environment if you have children who use the kitchen table for doing their homework in the afternoon, yet dim the lights in the evening and you’ll create a sophisticated, soft warm glow – perfect for a grown-up dinner and a glass of wine at the end of a long day.

Greens and blues are a popular choice for many homeowners, mainly thanks to the clean perception they bring to a room – and it goes without saying that in a kitchen, clean is good! Both, however, can be overpowering, so they might be best avoided if you have a lot of wall space. In a large open-plan kitchen it might be best to pick an accent wall to paint dramatic navy or deep moss green, and keep the rest of the room neutral.

If you have a small kitchen then consider yellow, a color which brings an instant ray of sunshine to any room, no matter what the weather is doing. Bright, zesty yellow is normally best avoided in bedrooms or living areas as it can be difficult to relax in, but in an active kitchen it makes perfect sense.

Like orange, red is often overlooked when it comes to kitchens, however the color is widely believed to stimulate the appetite (which is why you see it used in so much fast-food restaurant branding). So if you love to cook up a storm and serve meals in a kitchen/dining area – and you want people to really appreciate your efforts and eat every last morsel on the plate – a pop of red might be just what you need!

Painting your kitchen can be tricky thanks to all the appliances and cabinets that need to be painted around or behind so, if you’d like to get your home holiday-ready, why not give the experts at Sharper Impressions Painting a call? We’d be happy to provide you with a free quote!