How to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

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It’s not called ‘the smallest room in the house’ for nothing, and if you have been cursed with a tiny bathroom and are looking for ways to make it seem a little more spacious, read on as this week’s blog will tell you exactly how to do that – all through the artful use of color.

First of all, it’s a fairly obvious tip, but we’d be remiss not to include it: paint the walls with light, or bright, colors. Not only do brighter hues create a feeling of more space but they also reflect natural light better than dark colors, meaning that the room will feel more airy. But don’t be tempted to think that white is your only option – a completely white bathroom can end up looking far too clinical and sterile. Choose cream or beige if you want to err on the side of neutrality, or opt for cool blues or greens, or even soft shades of yellow, for a room with a bit more pep.

Having said that, if you are worried that your small bathroom or en suite is going to be overpowered by one single color, it’s worth noting that you can break the space up with different shades. However, stick to hues that are within the same pallette; different shades of blue for example. Opting for colors that are on opposing sides of the color spectrum will look jarring in a small space and will only serve to highlight how tiny it actually is.

Let’s talk tiling

In a similar vein, if you are also re-tiling your bathroom (or if you are painting around existing tiling), choosing the same color for both tiles and wall paint will create fluidity which also helps enhance the feeling of space. In addition to this, consider also painting your ceiling with the same paint that you use to cover the walls. Go for a darker color and the ceiling will appear to be lower than it actually is, bringing with it an oppressed feeling; choose a lighter one and the eye will naturally stop at the point where the ceiling meets the walls. By painting the ceiling and walls in the same shade, when you glance around the bathroom your eyes won’t be forced to make a distinction between them, again creating flow and therefore the impression of being in a larger area.

Don’t forget your woodwork and moldings

Of course, your walls and ceiling are not the only things you’ll need to paint if you’re re-decorating your bathroom. Your woodwork and moldings will also need to be painted if you are to do the job properly! This is one area where you do need to go a couple of shades lighter, as painting doors, cupboards, window frames and baseboards in a paler color than the rest of the room will give them the illusion of being ‘set back’ from the walls – making the area feel bigger than it actually is.

Stripes: the small bathroom’s best friend

If you want to really make a statement in your bathroom, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go big, just because it’s the smallest space in your home. A tiny bathroom can be the perfect place to really make an impact. Painting one statement wall in a bold color can really bring the drama or, if you’re worried that this may shrink the area even more, why not add some bold touches with a brightly painted radiator or colorful accessories such as a bath mat, towels or a shower curtain?

However, one decorating trick that will create a lasting impression on any visitor to the smallest room, and make the room look larger at the same time, is to paint the walls with stripes. You need to be careful, though, and ensure that you paint in the right direction, otherwise you’ll create the opposite effect and wind up with a room that looks even tinier than it was to start with!

Horizontal or vertical stripes? Which way to paint?

If you have a small bathroom with a high ceiling, then opt for horizontal stripes as these will draw the eye around the room and make it feel bigger. However, if you have a small bathroom with a low ceiling, to create the illusion of height your stripes should be vertical in order that they train the eye upwards. As for the colors themselves, don’t be tempted to go for too much of a contrast. As mentioned earlier, the tones should be within the same color family so that the room isn’t fragmented and instead has a feeling of cohesion.

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