How Working with a Color Consultant Can Enhance Your Home

If there’s one place where you can truly express your personality and taste, it is in your own home. So choosing colors, for both inside and out, is really something that you should take the time to think about. After all, colors can affect your mood – blues and greens are calming, reds are racy and passionate. Other colors are more associated with typically masculine or feminine traits, some are chosen purely because you love them, while others still are picked for more practical reasons. It all comes down to one simple fact: you need colors you love, that you can live with, and that present your home in its very best light.

There are so many factors involved in choosing colors, both for your rooms and for the exterior of your home, that it is well worth collaborating with an expert who can help create a pleasing palette for your property.

Working with a professional color consultant has a number of benefits; they will suggest not only colors that you like, but ones that work for the scale and shape of your rooms, as well as ones that complement nearby homes, and your neighborhood in general if you’re painting the outside of your house.

Here’s why you should think about working with a color consultant before decorating your home:

  • A color consultant will evaluate the lighting in your home – both natural and artificial. Natural daylight shows colors at their most “real”. Incandescent lighting makes tones look warmer, and fluorescent lighting brings out the blue in a color. Your color consultant knows this, and can pick hues that will work equally well both during the day and at night.
  • A professional consultant will know how to highlight a room’s best features while downplaying less desirable aspects. There’s a little more to it than just splashing a coat of paint on the walls; someone with an eye for both color and interior design will take into consideration architectural features such as windows, baseboards, dado rails, other molding or paneling, and the ceiling height.
  • A color consultant will visualize your home not just as a collection of rooms, but as a single entity. They will be able to offer advice regarding the flow of colors throughout your home, creating an interior that is cohesive but that also works on a room-by-room basis.
  • Understanding the psychology of colors is crucial, too. A survey conducted in the United Kingdom found that people with blue bedrooms typically had the best night’s sleep, while those who woke up in brown or gray hued bedrooms felt “emotionally isolated and uncomfortable” – resulting in consistently poor sleep. A color consultant will be fully conversant with the full spectrum of colors and be able to advise you accordingly.
  • On a practical note, all paints are not created equal. A professional consultant will make sure that the right paints are chosen for the right job – something that’s crucial for long-lasting results that you can be proud of. Selecting the correct paint for an exterior paint job is especially important, and the type of paint used will need to take into consideration environmental factors such as typical weather conditions, proximity to industrial areas or busy roads, and the material of the surfaces that are to be painted. Local regulations must also be taken into account: you may have fallen in love with the idea of a bubblegum pink home, but your neighbors – and your local town council – may not be quite so keen.

Whether you’re planning to redecorate one room, your whole home or the outside of your property, talking to the color consultants at Sharper Impressions Painting will help you choose the right color palette that matches your tastes and complements your home. Get in touch and see how we can help you create the home of your dreams.