5 Easy Interior Painting Projects for this Winter

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Winter is a great time to tackle interior painting projects. While we love the idea of using the whole winter to binge watch your favorite shows, it’s also the perfect opportunity to tackle interior painting projects when the weather forces you inside.

interior painting projects for this winter

5 Easy Interior Painting Projects for this Winter

Folks typically look to the spring to start (or finish) home projects, but we’d argue that winter is just as good. Not only will you free up time in the spring and summer to enjoy the weather while it’s nice, you’ll get a great head start on your spring chores. Plus, many professional painting companies have fewer projects in the winter, which means easier scheduling for you, and sometimes even discounted rates.

Here are five easy interior painting projects to tackle this winter.

1. Update Interior Paint This Winter

interior painting projects for winter

There’s no better way to give your home a fresh, updated look than with interior paint. Interior paint provides several benefits (besides finally getting your favorite color on the walls): it can seal in old dirt and odors, lessen allergens and even make your space look bigger.

Winter also provides an opportunity to get color on the walls that you’ll love all year round. It’s tempting in summer and spring months to go with a color that thrives in bright, natural light. Those colors, however, can feel much different in the weaker natural light of winter. If you choose a color you absolutely love when the days are short, you’ll love it even more when the days are long.

Try using the winter months to update the interior paint in your larger living spaces. Great rooms and kitchens tend to get some of the hardest wear and tear throughout the year; give them a fresh coat to cover up scuffs or fading. You might want to also use the winter time to finally paint one of your lesser used rooms, or a space that’s recently undergone a change. For example, if your last kid went off to college this fall, turn their old room into a home office, complete with a new coat of paint.

2. Paint Your Stairs This Winter

winter interior painting project-paint stairs

One of our favorite home transformations is when clients ask us to paint their stairs. While stairs occupy little square footage in the home, they’re still a focal point (or an eyesore). Updating the paint to cover that yellowed oak finish from the 90s, or taking the last homeowner’s creative spindle project monotone can completely update the look of your home.

We’ve been loving when clients choose to take handrails and treads a soft black and spindles and uprights white. This “tuxedo” look is a classic, and for good reason. It tends to hide any flaws or outdated woodwork, while also making the whole staircase look fresh and modern. It fits with nearly any style of home, as well.

But for all the tuxedo looks we’ve done, we’ve also seen remarkable new looks born out of unique color combos, like deep forest green and cream or monochromatic blues. Winter is a good time to update stairs since there tends to be less foot traffic to the outside, allowing your paint professional to finish quickly so you to return to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

3. Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets This Winter

kitchen cabinet painting-winter interior painting projects

Full kitchen remodels can be one of the most time consuming and money intensive projects a homeowner can take on. If your kitchen is in relatively good shape and doesn’t need immediate plumbing, electrical or layout changes, you can update the look of your kitchen by painting the kitchen cabinets. Painting kitchen cabinets this winter is also a great solution if you’re looking to sell, but don’t want to do a full gut and remodel.

A popular look for the last few years has been to paint bottom cabinets in a dark color and upper cabinets in white or a lighter color. We’ve also seen cabinets painted in punches of rich color, like saturated navy (with metallic accents and hardware) or pine green.

No matter what color you choose to paint your cabinets, bring in a professional to get the job done. Not only will this save you a ton of time in manual labor (cabinets require extensive prep work before you can paint), you can rest easy knowing the finish will last for years to come, or until you’re ready for a full remodel.

4. Paint Basement Ceilings and Walls This Winter

interior painting projects for winter-basement ceiling

Before your region goes through its wet spring season, consider interior ceiling painting (exposed or drywalled) and wall painting for your basement. Both unfinished and finished basements can benefit from a new coat of paint. You can lock in dirt and dust in an unfinished basement and lock out water, moisture, mold and mildew. Finished basements can benefit from new paint, especially if the area is used as a playroom or entertainment space.

If you paint your basement in the winter, your basement will feel fresh and clean before you begin your big spring projects. It will be one less project for your to-do list and when it’s done with the correct preparation, paint and supplies, the finish will last for many years.

5. Paint Old Wood Trim and Interior Doors This Winter

interior painting projects for winter-painted trim

One of our favorite interior home painting projects is when clients decide to paint out their old wood trim and interior doors. We’ve seen such a difference in homes that paint old builder-grade trim a soft cream or white. Even neutrals like grey or greige pop against this interior trim painting update.

Painting interior doors also delivers a nice visual payoff when you paint them to match the trim, or in a clean, bright white. Painting interior doors has the added benefit of covering over years of finger smudges and handprints. Plus, with a high quality paint, they’ll be easier than ever to wipe down to fight against both dirt and winter germs.

Both trim and doors require in depth prep work, so consider hiring a professional for this project. They’ll make sure the finish is streak and drip free and that your newly painted trim and doors blend seamlessly into your home.

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