Is Your $$ Is Literally Going “Through the Roof”

We’re here to tell you how to stop it!

A little “outside-the-box” thinking goes a long way. Coating your roof and attic ceiling is the easiest, most affordable way to increase your property’s energy efficiency. It’s that simple. Now, imagine how you’d spend the extra cash you’ll save each year with one professional paint job.

How Will Painting My Roof Save Money?

The summer sun’s heat is attracted to most roofing materials – asphalt shingle, metal, cedar, etc. Heat saturates the material and conducts through into attic space, working your air-conditioning overtime.

The opposite happens in winter. Interior heat rises to the attic and literally goes “through the roof”, taking your heating bill with it. Business owners continue to seek low-cost methods to reduce heating and cooling costs and roof coatings are quickly catching on as a solution to a costly problem.

Thermal coatings – known as “cool roof” coatings – seal the roof, adding a protective layer to trap heat from coming in or going out. In hot climates, choose roof coatings with reflective properties to redirect sunlight. In addition to roof coatings, interior painting of attic ceilings is a highly effective way to increase energy efficiency.

More Reasons to Paint a Roof

1. Weather Repellant

Elastomeric coatings provide weather protection, sealing roofs from water, wind and snow. Flatter pitched roofs that don’t drain well or multi-level roofs that trap moisture are prime candidates.

2. Preventative Maintenance

While the cost of replacing a commercial roof ranges from $30-50,000, coating it with paint and protective materials can cost as little as $3-5,000 – 90% less! For metal roofs, applying a simple rust-inhibitive primer prevents costly and inevitable damage and premature replacement.

3. Curb Appeal

Cedar shingled roofs incur sun and weather damage and require fresh stain for both cosmetic and maintenance reasons. Remember to include roofs on decks, pool houses and other out-buildings.

Who to Call – Painter or Roofer?

A roofer is going to try to talk you into replacing your roof – that’s where the big money is. On the other hand, a good paint contractor has the expertise to paint all surfaces and fully understands the wide range of benefits to be gained with professional roof painting.

If you know your energy costs are gouged by heating or cooling loss, contact a full-service paint contractor with roof coating experience. Likewise, if your roof is getting close to replacement age, consider this alternative as a fraction of the expense.

Choose a contractor with experience and the right equipment. Ask for references and be sure they have necessary harnesses and lifts. Above all, be sure your contractor shows proof that they are fully licensed and insured.