Limewash Brick Exterior House Painting – Before & After Photos

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This house is located in an up and coming neighborhood near downtown where people are investing in home remodels and updates. The first time homebuyer wanted to change the 1950’s dark brown brick on this home into something modern.

Our color consultant recommended that this customer stick with the white base that the upper siding had on the home. This would make it look bigger and tie everything together. And a limewash brick paint would give this customer the modern look they wanted for their new home.

Once the white paint color was selected, we started testing patches on the brick to experiment with how diluted or thick the customer wanted the limewash brick paint to look. This process ensures that the desired amount of dark brown brick shows through the limewash paint.

limewash brick exterior painting processNext, we cleaned the entire house and tarped and taped the surrounding areas we wanted to protect. Then we started the first application of the limewash paint. We used the exact amount of paint the customer wanted for the limewash brick look. We purposely skipped some bricks in specific areas so that the brown would really show through and give that rustic look limewashing is known for.

Finally, we walked around the house with the customer and finished any lightning or thickening they wanted.

The final result is revolutionary! In the before and after photos below, notice how the dark deck and shutters really stand out against the white paint. The new white brick chimney looks taller and more stately with perfect bits of brown peeking through. The dark brown brick portions in the corners of the home look antiqued and custom.





Our customer was ecstatic with the transformation and we were proud of the artistic touch we could provide in their brick limewashing project!

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