Major Metamorphosis of a Customer’s Home – Before and After

We often get asked what color to use around metal or clad windows that our customers do not want to be painted. We try to steer customers away from considering their window colors when choosing new house color schemes because it is such a small area of the home compared to the body and the trim.

This new color choice worked out perfectly with the window, and the white trim color selected perfectly matched the white window frames and grids. This tied everything together nicely!

Before, the brick was kind of lost with the dated beige colors. With the new color, the brick really sets itself apart.

We love the grey on the front siding next to the brick, and it blends naturally with the roof shingle color.

The stucco had never been painted and was original from the builder color. Once we put two thick coats of our new grey color on the porous stucco with our ‘stretchy’ stucco paint, it really filled it in and gave it that new modern color look that will last over 20 years.  Notice on the chimney side how much more consistent the stucco appearance and is now with the new grey instead of stained and dried out looking from before.

This customer spends a lot of time on their back deck. The heat in the afternoon could be unbearable, though. So they had their wood contractor install a new roof over the patio area. We painted that the trim color to blend in with the back of the home.

This major metamorphosis of this customer’s home is complete, and they are super happy with their new colors and look!