Meet Tia, our color consultant here at Sharper Impressions Painting

You know that you want to paint the interior or exterior of your home, but you might not know the exact color that’s right for you. That’s where our color consultant, Tia Kellner, comes in to save the day!

Tia is one of our wonderful team of color consultants who meet with new customers when they decide it’s time for a new coat of paint for their home.

Tia is a graduate of the Ohio State University and she previously worked for a home builder. While working in real estate, she found her passion for the decorative arts and drove her interest in the painting industry.

She became a color consultant in 2006 and she has fallen in love with her work.

“I love seeing everyone’s homes,” Tia said. “I love seeing how people set up their homes and helping people transform their house into a beautiful home that they will enjoy for years to come.”

Tia knows how hard it is to choose a color for the interior and exterior of a home, but that’s why she loves being a color consultant.

“I love being able to help people make the difficult decision of choosing the right color,” Tia said. “Many people have a general idea, but I help them narrow it down to three different shades. Customers really appreciate my recommendations.”

Tia said the most challenging part of being a color consultant is going into a brand new home that hasn’t even been decorated yet.

“It’s much easier to base the colors on the furniture and art in a room,” Tia said. “But, when it comes to brand new houses, I usually recommend the customer to have at least the furniture picked out. This way we can choose colors that will perfectly accent the room and help generate the ‘feel’ of what they want to do.”

According to Tia, some of the colors of the 80s and 90s are coming back into style. She believes it all has to do with today’s fashion. Furniture designers incorporate the latest fashion designs into new and upcoming furniture trends, which then reflect in a home’s colors based on what is selling the best.

Tia has seen many new color trends over her career and she’s had a lot of fun greens this year. Today’s greens are more “sagey” on exteriors and brighter on interiors.

Tia has also seen more vibrant periwinkles and orange colors that are similar to the shade of orange worn by a reigning Super Bowl Champion.

Some of her favorite projects to work on are kids’ rooms. “Kids’ rooms are so fun,” Tia said. She loves when she gets to help choose colors for children’s rooms because she likes to get the kids involved.

“The kids are ultra creative,” Tia remarked. “They are a blast to work with!”

When it comes to exterior painting, Tia said, there are more stipulations on choosing a color.

In many subdivisions, the homeowners’ association has to approve the house color, but most of the time there isn’t an issue because she will be upfront about certain colors for the exterior.

When she makes a recommendation for the color of the exterior of a home, she always jokingly asks the customer, “Do you and your neighbors like each other?”

She recommends having four colors for the exterior including neutral colors for the siding and trim, but you can get creative with different, more vibrant colors for the front door and shutters of the home.

Tia is excited for this season and she is looking forward to meeting all of the new Sharper Impressions Painting customers! When you schedule a free quote today, Tia or another one of our wonderful color consultants will help you choose the best color for your home!