Most Popular Home Paint Colors in 2020

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If there’s one word that sums up home paint trends in 2020, it’s color. People are growing weary of stark grays, neutrals, and whites and are moving towards options that delight the senses. What kind of look and feel are you going for? Do you want bold, bright, and eye-catching? Or perhaps deep, shaded tones that pair well with trending accents, like brushed gold fixtures?

Whatever your style, the options are abundant. We’ll share some of the most in-demand home paint colors of 2020 to get you started.

Popular Interior Paint Colors for 2020

Chinese Porcelain: As PPG’s color of the year, Chinese Porcelain is a deep, slightly muted orchid blue with violet undertones. It’s beautiful in any space, but especially in foyers or home offices where it can be paired with formal fixtures in brushed gold.

Crushed Pineapple
: Bright and sunny, this zesty citrus yellow has a Dijon undertone. It’s the perfect eye-catcher for bathrooms or sunrooms, and it’s especially sharp when paired with white trim or wainscoting.

Moss Ring
: This color from mother nature is a rich, subdued, mature green with holly undertones. It’s a darker shade of green that makes for a beautiful accent wall. It pairs well with accent shades like Sourdough and Magic Dust. It also looks ideal with off-white trim or accents. Deep, masculine greens like Moss Ring and Pine Forest are expected to make a popular turn this year.

Summer Breeze
: Looking for something more subtle? Summer Breeze is a pale, subdued turquoise green with blue-green undertones. Like Moss Ring, it also pairs well with accent shades like Sourdough and Magic Dust, and looks great in a bedroom. This shade is airy, refreshing, and just enough color to brighten up a room.

For those who love earthy, greige colors, Talavera is the 2020 home paint color for you. It’s a gray, rusty beige with a chocolate undertone. This warm tone looks ideal in living rooms and kitchens, and pairs well with light woods or white trim. It’s on the neutral side, which opens up possibilities for a variety of accents, furniture styles, and light fixtures.

Popular Exterior Paint Colors for 2020

Deep Emerald:
Painting a home’s front door something bold and eye-catching is another new trend for 2020, and Deep Emerald is a great option. It’s a dark, shaded, Caribbean aqua with a turquoise undertone. This color works well with bronze fixtures and white trim, and would also look great as an interior paint color in a foyer or dining room.

Cracked Slate:
While bold, bright colors are taking center stage on the interior, grays are still in-demand for exteriors. This shade is deep, warm, heliotrope gray with a raspberry undertone. It’s modern yet classic and pairs well with fresh, white trim, or other shades of gray.

Another classic exterior color, this shade is a light, gray, taupe greige with a pink undertone. While on the neutral side, it’s the perfect side-kick to a bold front door. Freshen up your home’s exterior just in time for summer with this clean, crisp color.

Harbor Mist:
Looking for something a little different than a typical gray? Opt for a blue-gray shade, which gives your home’s exterior more warmth. Shades like Harbor Mist are surging in popularity for exteriors in 2020, and for good reason. It’s soft and subdued while adding a pop of color.

Rustic Pottery:
This burnt orange shade is another fantastic option for a bold front door. It’s a deep, pure, apricot orange with a cinnamon undertone. Reminiscent of a sunset, it pairs well with cream or lighter sand colors. If your home’s exterior paint color is on the subtle side, this front door accent color will surely make an impression.

Choosing a Home Paint Color in 2020

Refreshing your home’s interior or exterior with a new paint color is an opportunity to make it exactly the way you envision. It’s exciting, fun, and should be as stress-free as possible. As you weigh your color options, try samples and get feedback from loved ones. Think about your own personal style and how the colors make you feel.

And remember: If you’re interested in a home painting project with the most popular colors of 2020, contact a professional painting company in your area. They’ll help you find the right shade that blends with your home’s light, furniture and decor.

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