Lime Wash Brick Transformation!

Our most recent, and one of our favorite lime wash of brick projects, behold! 😊 This customer knew they had the ability to transform their home into something incredibly stately. The brick was over 25 years old, and the red/brown brick with beige mortar look had tired on the wife. She had seen our previous lime wash work and asked for a…

How Long Does Paint Last?

Leftover paint: We all have it. From large painting projects like full home exteriors to smaller jobs like painting a foyer, it’s unusual to use the exact amount of paint you purchased. And that’s actually a good thing — it means you can save whatever’s left for touch-ups later, if needed. But how long does paint last after you open…

Exterior Paint Transformation… Wow!

Wow. Just wow. The brown house had been completely neglected for years. These new homeowners selected a great blue with timeless white trim. The prep work took days to get the surfaces cleaned, scraped, primed, and caulked. Finally, we applied two coats of the new colors in a bright sheen. One of our favorite projects in a long time!