Paint Color of the Year

Sharper Impressions Painting works closely with our paint vendors to keep our customers up to date with your favorite colors. We also stay current on what’s new and trending for your interior and exterior painting needs.

Looking back:

In 2014 the PPG Pittsburgh Paints and PPG Porter Paints color of the year was Butter Cream Yellow. This popular and calming hue worked perfectly as an exterior accent or interior centerpiece. Butter Cream Yellow’s tranquil effect made it a perfect candidate for its popularity. Sherwin Williams presented us with their pick of Exclusive Plum. Our customers were impressed with this elegant and romantic color to use in areas of their home that benefited from an ever changing tone depending on light.

Looking Forward:

Sharper Impressions is excited to offer our customers brand new 2015 picks for Color of the Year. PPG Pittsburgh and Porter Paints has chosen the vibrant and energetic Blue Paisley. While Sherwin Williams’s presents us with the lovely and upbeat Coral Reef. It appears as though the theme across the board for 2015 color choices is a radiant, bold and optimistic hue to grace your walls. Fresh colors are so exciting for your homes walls!As always in our 23 year history, we offer a free, in-home color consulting. She is happy to come out to your home to review what hues would fit perfectly in the space you need refreshed. We also offer free digital house painting, free color swatches and free delivery of paint color test cans. Call Sharper Impressions Painting today at 877.665.5566 for your free painting quote. Or book your own free quote online at