Painting Baseboards: Considerations Before Getting Started

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painting baseboards

When it comes to stunning paint transformations, interior trim painting and painting baseboards is one of our favorite projects. Baseboards and trim are often neglected throughout the years of home ownership, but even a fresh coat of bright white paint can completely change a room. Painting baseboards, however, can be one of the harder paint projects. So here are some considerations before getting started with your baseboard painting project.

Painting Baseboards: Considerations Before Getting Started

You may need to remove the baseboards before painting

There are plenty of professional paint experts who can paint your baseboards neatly and efficiently in place. But there are some cases where it may be easier and will give you a better finish if the baseboards are removed from the wall, prepped, sanded, re-painted, then reinstalled. This can be a better step if your trim is significantly damaged, has layers and layers of chipped and peeling paint, or if you’re simply ready for a different trim profile (e.g. new five inch baseboards).

Ask your paint professional what they plan to do and how they plan to do it. If you have plenty of room in your garage or outdoors to paint long pieces of baseboard, this will make the job easier. Your paint pro will know the best way to get your job done, though, and can make just about any situation work, whether they need to remove the baseboards or paint them in place.

Your baseboards will need to be prepped, sanded and repaired before painting

Just like any other painting project, fastidious prep work is key for painting baseboards. This can include hours of stripping, sanding and repairs, as well as taping, caulking or sealing. In fact, this step may comprise the bulk of the hours for the project.

Don’t be surprised if your professional painter spends several days on this part of the project, and then flies through the actual paint application. It’s extremely important to get this step right so you can enjoy your freshly painted baseboards for years to come.

Your baseboards should be primed before painting

Baseboards get a lot of wear and tear throughout the years, so it will be important that the paint can withstand the traffic. A good priming coat will help with the final finish. While many newer paints have primer built into the formula, your paint professional may opt to prime before painting anyway, especially if you’re installing new, unpainted trim.

Your baseboards should be painted with a glossy, high quality latex paint

Some painting pros opt for an oil based paint, but many of the newer latex paints give just as beautiful and as durable of a finish as oil based paints. A glossy finish helps with dirt and dust and will keep your baseboards looking fresh and clean.

Choose any color for your baseboards (but here are some of our favorites)

One of the things we’ve loved to do in recent years is help homeowners choose many different colors for their baseboards. While we always love a crisp, bright white on baseboards and trim, we’ve also seen stunning results with creams, soft black and even other colors like green, grey or tan.

Here are some of our favorite baseboard colors from PPG:

Elephant Gray–This deep brown-grey can be a beautiful baseboard color, especially in rooms with high ceilings and light paint colors. The color can ground the eye in the room.



Floral White–If you don’t love a true white and aren’t quite sold on a deeper cream for your baseboards, Floral White is the perfect balance. It has a touch of gray, plus a sandy undertone so it feels stately without skewing too bright.



hourglassHourglass–this light, soft grey is almost white, but not quite, making it a beautiful neutral that pairs with any color. It can even look chic as a baseboard color paired with bright white walls.



black flameBlack Flame–we not-so-secretly love black trim and baseboards, especially when paired with white or soft white walls. There are few color combos that scream “classic” like this one. Plus, black baseboards in a glossy finish tend to look high end and expensive. A win-win all around.



purityPurity–this white with a honey undertone is the perfect cream color. It’s soft and inviting, but never too yellow, so it pairs well with hundreds of neutral, bright or bold shades.



No matter what color you choose, get expert help when painting baseboards. Not only will a professional painting company pay close attention to detail, they’ll work quickly and efficiently so your project causes minimal disruption to your day to day life. They will also likely offer a free color consultation if you haven’t quite landed on your ideal baseboard shade.

Get Expert Help with Baseboard Painting

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