Painting and Home Renovations: When Should I Paint during a Remodel?

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Nearly every homeowner will tackle a home renovation at some point. Home renovations can range from simple (e.g. minor bedroom updates) to complex (e.g. tearing out and rebuilding a kitchen or bath). No matter the level of complexity of your renovation, there is a distinct order of operations to maximize the efficiency of your project and guarantee your desired outcome.

When Should I Paint during a Remodel

When is the best time to paint during a remodel?

This is a question we often hear when speaking to homeowners and working with general contractors. With smaller remodel projects, it’s generally easy to determine when to paint. After all, you are just updating a handful of things, and painting is a simple line item to check off the list.

But for larger, more involved remodel projects, timing is essential for the best results. Painting too early can risk damage to your freshly painted walls and trim as other trades still work in the area and bump or scratch on the walls and trim.

Plus, renovations often mean that you need to paint surfaces other than just walls. Interior trim painting, repainting or re-staining doors and ceiling painting add to the complexity and timing of the project.

In general, however, painting will almost always be one of the last things on your punch list. From there, it depends on the work the space needs to determine when to paint.

Here are our general guidelines for when to paint during a remodel:

  • After interior (electrical and plumbing) work is done
  • After old floors/carpeting are removed
  • After drywall and spackling is complete
  • After new windows are installed
  • After new trim is installed
  • After major finishes are installed
  • Before large pieces are installed
  • Before most flooring is installed (see below)

We recommend painting once all major structural and functional work is done, but before new flooring or carpet is installed. Essentially, floors come last so you can avoid the heavier wear and tear multiple contractors, tools and dust the full renovation brings. However, some walls and trim might get banged up with carpet rolls and installation, so a final top coat may be needed to cover the dents and scratches. It also allows your painting company to really focus on finishing out details close to the floor in the most efficient way possible.

Depending on the scope of your project, your paint professional might recommend spraying your walls, new trim and baseboards for the most even finish. Often a back roll is used behind the spray to give that nice eggshell finish. This technique in particular is much easier to accomplish at this stage with a “blank” canvas.

While we recommend painting close to the end of your project, some renovation experts recommend paint as the very last item on the list, and that’s fine, too. A reputable paint company will always take great care to ensure your new space is protected, especially the new floors. In fact, you can always ask a paint company how they plan to protect your home and surfaces when they paint. A good company will always have a plan and an answer for you.

Seek Expert Help When Painting During a Renovation

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