Painting Interior Doors: 4 Interior Door Color Schemes for Any Space

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painting interior doors interior door paint color schemes

Designing the picture-perfect home means considering the look of each of your interior surfaces. But most homeowners focus on walls, neglecting what could be some of the home’s most beautiful real estate: interior doors. Painting interior doors can bring a pop of color into a room, make small spaces look bigger or enhance gorgeous woodwork. Knowing the right interior door color schemes can make a room look truly finished. But what is the best color for interior doors?

Of course, the best color for your home is the one you like best and puts a smile on your face, but we’d like to at least point you in the right direction. Door color can do some magical things in your space. Here are some of our favorite interior door color ideas.

What is the Best Color for Interior Doors?

Door Paint Colors for Small Rooms

For small rooms and spaces, a door can break up wall space and make a room or entry way look even smaller. This is why it’s important to try and paint the door the same color as the wall and trim as this technique can make the room feel more spacious. Try keeping small spaces in classic, neutral palettes like creams or whites to make the room feel even larger.

Door Color Schemes for Historic Spaces

Historic interior doors are often intricate, with lovely old details like panel and trim. Depending on overall wear and tear, or if they’ve been painted before, a fresh coat of interior trim paint can make these beautiful details stand out even more.

Interior painters usually paint historic homes to keep with the times they were built. That doesn’t mean your walls and doors need to be stodgy or dingy, though! Instead, opt for updated versions of historic colors. For example, a more modern “greige” is a great refresh on older, drab creams.

Interior Door Paint Colors for Large Rooms

Larger spaces can handle a bit more of a punch, so interior doors can be painted in a bolder color if you’re so inclined. But before you whip out the bright yellow, first think of the overall color scheme of your home and make sure your freshly painted doors will fit in.

For a hint of color, use a more concentrated shade in the same color family. For example, classic navy on an interior door will look great in a home that predominantly uses other blues. If you’re wanting something more intense, choose an accent color you already employ in other areas of the home. Just remember, the bolder you go with the door, the more it will pull the eye away from other parts of your room.

Other Interior Door Color Ideas

  • Swap your neutrals. Instead of choosing a soft grey on the walls and keeping your doors and trim white, try swapping the two for an updated, chic look.
  • Try off-black. Yes, black is both a neutral and a classic! This color can help doors fade into the background but still look well designed. Make sure, however, to go with a more understated off-black, which will soften the color and avoid harsh contrasts.
  • Paint details. If you have a door with panels and trim, an interior painting expert can help you highlight its beautiful details with paint.

Tips for Painting Interior Doors

  • Think about choosing interior door paint with some gloss in it for interior doors. Handles and surfaces become grimy quite quickly, and gloss will help with wipe down and cleanup.
  • Doors—like stairs—may require meticulous preparation to be painted properly and withstand wear and tear. Always bring in professional painters as they understand this step.
  • If your solid wood doors are currently un-painted but still need some TLC, interior painters may be able to re-stain your doors. Ask a painting professional before you cover up something with potential.
  • Finally, interior doors require precise painting techniques to avoid streaks, drips and uneven paint. We strongly recommend bringing in the pros for this task. It will save you time and money and help your doors stay beautiful for longer.

 Interior Door Painting Professionals

From choosing the right paint color, to proper prep work, and using expert techniques, our interior painters know just what to do to ensure your door paint looks great and lasts. Get your free interior painting quote today.