Painting is fun! Brought to you by the letter ‘Z’

My name is Sammy Skillz, the official Cartoon Mascot of Sharper Impressions Painting. I am that handsome painter in the bottom left-hand corner of the Sharper Impressions Painting logo.

I wanted to update you on a fun, new painting project we just completed.

Below is a picture of a barn I just painted for a family whose last name started with a Z. So we painted these cool looking Z’s on their barn doors to spice up their barn.  Now when they drive home from work to the barn each night, they see their last name’s first initial welcoming them.  We thought this was a cool artistic touch!

Before, the barn doors were just a plain, faded red – I gladly changed that! Now they have the family name’s big Z on the door and my customer loves it!

Why not get your creative juices flowing this summer and give your home a fresh look?!

My customers can attest to how many colors there are to choose from, the ideas are abundant.  That is why we offer free color consulting.  I am sure there is a color perfect for your home—inside and out!  Make your home look great with a fresh coat of paint that will last a long time. Give us a call at 877-665-5565 for your free painting quote, or Click Here to schedule a quote online.