Popular Interior Colors for Spring 2016

Spring is that time of year when everything suddenly feels so very fresh and very bright. The days are growing longer, Mother Nature has shaken off her grey winter plumage and suddenly the world seems renewed. But the bright new spring brings light that also illuminates the nooks and crannies of our homes, reminding us it’s time for a spring clean and some home improvements. Perhaps a splash of paint here, or a new color for the main rooms will give your home a new feel, ensuring it’s vibrant and ready for the summer – a welcoming space for your family and guests.

Of course, how you choose the colors for your home, can come down to fashion and trends as much as personal preference. When you look at old pictures, you can always tell the era from the colors used in the decor. The 60s were a decade of youth culture when psychedelia and bright colors reigned, perhaps with an ethnic vibe or a hippy twist. The 70s saw a return to more neutral color combinations, with avocado green, toned down orange and solid primary colors – peaceful shades for a nation weary of the war in Vietnam. The 80s were the decade of power statements with neon and bold colors dominating rooms, with vibrant pinks, greens and yellow being most popular.

We can’t help but be influenced by the times we’re living in – even though we regard our homes as reflecting our very personal tastes. So if you’re thinking about bringing some new color into your home this year, let’s look at what the most popular interior shades and hues are likely to be in 2016.

Cotton candy

Let’s start with Pantone’s colors of the year for 2016: rose quartz and serenity. For those not in the know, they are your classic shades of pink and blue cotton candy. While these colors have normally been reserved for the nursery, the pale shade of pink and baby blue have grown up and are starting to gain acceptance as mainstream colors acceptable for just about any area of your home. That’s because this duo is calm, friendly and has a very welcoming appeal about them. They also tend to allow for a room to have a splash color without being overpowering as is the case with darker shades of blue and pink. The cotton candy colors also pair lovely with the next entry on our list.

Soft whites and ivory

White, with hints of different shades has been a perennial favorite for home decor for decades – mainly because it can bring light and brightness into the smallest spaces, enhance your interior lighting and make a room feel fresh and clean yet soothing too. Obviously, you won’t want to paint every wall in your home the same stark white – it’s not a hospital after all. You need to layer your whites or use them to enhance other color choices. Maybe you can make a make a statement with a large white piece of furniture – you may not have space for a white grand piano, but how about a favorite cupboard or table in gorgeous ivory.

Blue and its hues

The azure beauty of the world’s oceans have very much inspired this year’s most popular colors, so let the Orinoco flow through your living space and incorporate sky blue, or sapphire hued paints. Contrast these colors with white or pearl elements to bring out that maritime feel, or even add some gray to evoke the oceans at their angriest. Nautical decor, like driftwood sculptures and seascapes will add to the ambience and your guests will want to dive into your living spaces.

All about oranges

The towns and tones of The Mediterranean, Europe’s encircled sea, will also come into play this year. Rich orange colors, to contrast with your blues and whites, can give the feeling of those gorgeous towns you find on the French and Italian coast, where buildings painted in orange, yellow and red are reflected in the turquoise waters of the sea. Choose warm orange shades to bring some of this Mediterranean color into your house, either through your paint or decorates, textiles and drapes.

Outside inside with natural colors

If these waves of marine color are making you a little seasick, you can seek your inspiration on land this year too. Natural shades of green, brown and tones of gray, that evoke mountains, rocks and grass, are also going to be popular this year. There is a push towards bringing a touch of the outside world into our homes

Grey tones with a touch of the metallic

It’s not all about nature this year. If you feel as if you want your house to reflect our more modern and technology-fuelled times, and perhaps compliment your fancy home entertainment systems, you can mingle in some metallic elements. When it comes to paint, there are more than 50 shades of gray, and these can be combined with metallic features and mirrors to give a genuinely futuristic feel. You can incorporate wood brown shades if you feel everything looks a little too high-tech.

Purples, pastels and lilac

We prefer our sleeping spaces to be soothing wombs that embrace us as we rest. But often these are spaces where we may work at desks or read, so getting the color balance right is important. The trend in 2016 is for light pastels of purple that can be relaxing and sensuous but also impart a regal touch. If you are not a fan of purple, lilac is a also big non-neutral color this year. You can offset the purple and lilac with dark greens or other neutral colors, while decorative elements in black or white can add a classic touch.

If you want to know more about what’s hot or not in the world of color, or simply want to talk to a color consultant about how paint can change the feel of your home, get in touch with the experts at Sharper Impressions. Our experts can get you the look you want and promise a professional finish.