8 Important Questions to Ask Professional Interior Painters

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Questions to Ask Professional Interior Painters

As you search for the best quote for your next interior house or commercial painting project, there are some important questions you should ask an interior painting company before signing a contract. Sometimes, professional painters aren’t as “professional” as they may seem on the surface, so asking the right questions before moving forward with interior painting can weed out unqualified and unlicensed painters.

Before you begin a painting project, it’s critical to ask your interior painting company the following to ensure your end product is beautiful and comes without unwelcome surprises.

1) How do I prepare a room for painting?

When you hire a high-quality professional painting company to paint your house or commercial interior, they will do much of the painting prep for you. A top-of-the-line painting team will be sure to place tarps over furniture and your floor for ceiling painting, and move your furniture and other prized possessions out of the way before painting interior walls. They will even repair drywall in order to adequately prepare the surfaces for painting.

2) How long does interior painting take?

It depends. Professional painters will consider how large the project is (e.g. do you need enough paint and materials for a large apartment complex, a small office, a home, etc.), how many rooms you’re painting, the condition of your interior walls, ceiling, or trim, and the weather. If you’re looking for quick turnaround time, or have a large project on your hands, a professional interior painting company can often provide you with additional manpower to complete everything sooner.

3) How long does interior paint last?

Generally speaking, high-quality interior paint jobs performed by expert professional painters can last for a number of years in high-traffic and low-traffic areas before paint starts showing signs of wear or discoloration. That said, how often you paint an interior of a home or business is really up to you and your current needs. For example, if you feel that you need interior wall colors updated, then you can choose to repaint the walls whenever the moment strikes you. And if you see signs of discoloration or fading on your ceiling even if the project was completed just a couple years ago, then it’s probably time to schedule your interior painting project to keep things looking fresh and new.

4) Which interior paint is best?

Whether you want a matte, eggshell, or satin finish, professional painters have accounts with all major paint brands so you can use whatever high-quality paint you like! An interior painting company should be able to provide you with a painting quote with instructions on the best paints for your particular project so it will look perfect and last for many years.

5) How much does interior painting cost?

Prices for interior painting vary due to a number of factors such as the size of your painting project and what time of year you’re painting. Because spring and summer are high-demand seasons, professional interior painting quotes will stay competitive if done by true professionals. That said, you can often find professional painting discounts and promotions that can save you money at any time of year. If you’re looking to spend even less and can wait until colder months roll around, schedule your interior painting project in the wintertime to save 20 to 40 percent off peak season prices.

6) Is professional interior painting covered by insurance?

An expert professional painting company will have an extensive insurance policy in place to protect you and your property. You should always look for interior painters that not only have an insurance policy, but also a warranty to ensure everything from labor to materials is covered.

7) Can you show me references, previous work, and accreditations?

Because professional painters use only the best paints and are masters at their craft, they should have recent and older references of projects very similar to yours. They should have copies of their insurance, BBB membership in good standing, a written and clear contract, pictures of their past painting work before and after and finally, a clear written example of what you should expect from your painter from the start to the finish of the contract.

8) What’s the difference between a painting quote and an estimate?

The best professional painters will provide a quote and not an estimate. A quote protects you from being charged more than the written price. From the very beginning, you should know exactly how much your project will cost. An estimate can easily fluctuate based on hours and materials. Some expert professional painters like Sharper Impressions don’t even take a deposit, because they want to earn your trust and provide you with exactly what you want with no surprise pricing.

Trust Professional Interior Painters

If you’re looking for mess-free, stress-free interior painting services, choosing to hire professional painters will provide you with that and so much more. They will make sure all of your walls are expertly prepared and their work is assessed continuously over the course of your project’s duration to deliver a final product that not only looks great, but is finished on-time and on-budget.