5 Reasons You Need a Professional for Interior Paint Maintenance

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interior paint maintenance reasons to hire a professional

There’s nothing quite like a wall with a smooth coat of paint. With the right prep work and application, fresh paint can make a home feel brand new again, no matter its age. But over time, normal wear and tear can deteriorate that paint and make it look anything but fresh. Interior paint maintenance on a regular basis is a good idea.

When you turn to painting professionals for interior painting, you know you’re going to get a quality job. But what about the long-term maintenance of those paint applications? Is it something you should maintain yourself, or should you turn to the experts for help with that, too?

We recommend the latter, and here’s why:

Cracks and Peeling Paint

Painting professionals have an eye for spotting cracks and peeling paint that, if not caught early, will lead to more costly, time-consuming problems down the road. These pros also know exactly what to do to fix these issues and get the paint looking brand new again — many times without redoing the entire paint job.

For example, when cracks occur as a result of settling of the drywall, you’ll probably see them around doors frames, window frames and where the ceiling meets the walls. That means they’re likely originating in the drywall, and therefore need to be mudded, sanded, and repainted. If the cracks are forming in the middle of the wall and are just paint surface cracks, they could be a result of a poor paint job, which usually requires completely redoing the primer and paint.

Spots and Stains

One of the most common reasons for interior paint maintenance is staining. Spots and stains are easiest to clean when treated early — the longer they sit on the paint, the harder they’ll be to remove.

Painting professionals have an eye for knowing where to look for stained areas, including:

  • Where children play
  • Where furniture touches the wall
  • Staircase walls
  • Hallways
  • Kitchens from cooking and food

Experts not only know where to look for spots and stains, they know how to treat them — especially ones requiring deep cleaning or painting touch-ups. This time-consuming task is one you should leave to the pros so you don’t have to spend your valuable time on it.


Interior paint does not hold its color forever. If a room has a great deal of sunlight streaming in from windows and doors, it can cause the paint to fade over time. This makes certain areas of the wall appear dull. A fresh coat of paint will make those walls look shiny and new.

Interior paint also can lose its luster with time from artificial lighting, dust and normal wear and tear. Choosing a more glossy sheen for your repainting will add some life to your walls. The pros leave a clean and shiny wall with a rich new color for you to enjoy for years to come.


If you find mold on your painted walls, it’s best to turn to the professionals for help making a definitive diagnosis and cleaning it up properly. Painting pros know how to spot mildew and how to do a clean and safe removal. They’ll be able to work closely with chemicals so the mildew is properly removed, painters can get the wall back to its pre-mildew condition with fresh primer and paint.

Always call professionals if you think your walls might have mildew.

For ongoing maintenance, painting pros know how to prevent mildew from growing in the first place. Especially in high humidity areas like bathrooms, painting experts often use special paints that prevent the emergence of mold.


When cleaning walls, painting professionals know the right type of cleaner. Some cleaners may actually eat away at the paint, causing spots and stains that require paint touch-ups. To avoid this mishap, leave the interior paint maintenance to the experts who know which cleaners are gentle on paint yet get the job done.

To guarantee interior maintenance that complements the existing paint, consider turning the job over to the pros who’ve done it hundreds of times. They have the patience and skill for time-consuming identification, treatment, and maintenance of your walls. Don’t wait until your home requires a whole new coat of paint — let the pros do the necessary maintenance on a regular basis to keep your walls looking beautiful year-round.

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