Sammy Skillz… The Cartoon Mascot for Sharper Impressions Painting

See the cartoon guy in the bottom left-hand corner of the Sharper Impressions Painting logo? Well that’s me… Sammy Skillz!

How did I earn Skillz as a last name? Well, I have mad painting skills. So, Sammy Skillz was born.

With this year’s painting season in full go mood, I turned my hat backwards, grabbed my brush and thought I would tell you how I became a dedicated mascot.

Growing up, I always knew painting was my calling as I spent most of my childhood climbing ladders, painting the walls with applesauce, and eating the occasional paint chip…..My mother would call me a handful, to say the least.  She knew I was destined to be a great painter.

By age 3, I climbed my first 40 ft. ladder, and I haven’t looked down since!

By the age of 18, I was inducted into the Painting Hall of Fame. Just before my 40th birthday, I received the prestige of being elected President of The Cartoon Painters Legion….the highest honor!

Aside from my impressive painting resume (they don’t call me Sammy Skillz for nothin’)… I am a dedicated family man.  Sunny Skillz is my wife. Sunny ensures that I’m up early every morning ready to go paint with a fresh cup o’ joe.  Caffeine and ladders is the way to get your motor running.

Recently, Sunny and Sharper Impressions Painting made me take my first ever vacation in 21 years! I read up on all of the newest painting trends while on the beach, anxious to get home and back to painting. Maybe there is a little cartoon Skillz on the way?

I work very hard to make sure Sharper Impressions Painting customers are happy with their paint projects. With each painting season, the scent of a new paint brush excites me….and the tan isn’t so bad either.

See you on a ladder real soon,
The official Cartoon Mascot of Sharper Impressions Painting