Sharper Impressions Painting – Does Your Home Need a Bath?

Sharper Impressions Painting will give your home a clean, fresh look. And when we say clean, we mean it. We use an organic power washing solution and diluted bleach to wash away the years of dirt, grime, soot, dust, exhaust and airborne chemicals which eat away at your home’s exterior. Sharper Impressions professionals use a tried and true method of power washing to give your home a bath.

Power washing is recommended to prepare the surface for fresh stain or paint. This is a free service included for exterior painting and staining projects. Power washing gives the exterior a clean surface and a fresh start to promote better adhesion and a longer-lasting finish. If your paint has started to peel, Sharper Impressions professionals use special accessories to remove loose paint to prepare the surface for our other Sharper Impressions Painting services.

If your home needs a bath, contact Sharper Impressions today for details.