Sharper Impressions Painting – Enhance Brick Exteriors With Fresh Trim

Brick exteriors generally need less attention than siding and stucco, but they still need maintenance on their trim and non-brick surfaces. Sharper Impressions Painting uses special painter’s mask to tape off the edges on brick exteriors to protect the areas that will not be painted or stained. This gives trim a crisp, professional look you can be proud of for a long time.

Painting doors, windows, trim, shutters, soffits, gutters and vents not only gives them added protection from the elements, it adds a little bit of variety to the same-old, same-old look you have had for years. If you’re not quite sure what colors to choose, Sharper Impressions professionals can help you choose the right colors to complement the brick undertones for a more modern and attractive look.

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