Sharper Impressions Painting Gets The Job Done

Sharper Impressions Painting Gets the Job Done – A Detailed Look at How They Tackle a House Painting Challenge

Our latest customers knew exactly what they wanted – to update their rural Indiana home from a faded single color stain to three different paint colors on the exterior, trim and doors of their house, deck and boat dock! How cool is that? A boat dock! The challenge: They had their hearts set on matching the paint colors on a house they had seen over 30 miles away!

The homeowners set out to research high quality residential painters and found Sharper Impressions Painting. “The customers really did their homework,” says Ron Jones. “The client contacted us after they visited our booth at a local Home Improvement Show. Ultimately, ours was one of five quotes they were considering. They clearly wanted to find the best paint contractor.” Sharper Impressions Painting was awarded the job soon after the initial contact and the job was recently completed

Why Did the Client Choose Sharper Impressions Painting?

“I was so impressed with the book of before & after pictures and customer testimonials that Ron showed us that first day,” the customer said. “Sharper Impressions’ quote was the most detailed and included the right degree of prep work our house needed. Ron arrived early for the initial meeting, answered all my questions, and printed out our price quote from a computer in his truck. ”

“Knowing the right process for the best results is one of the things Sharper Impressions does best,” says Project Manager Corey Hancock. “Before Ron gave the quote he knew to consider several important factors that other companies didn’t.”

What Product Is Currently on the Home?

The cedar house was covered in an oil-based, semi-transparent stain. Due to age and the wooded location, the stain was faded and mildewed, requiring thorough power washing. “We repeated the power wash a second day for a total of 16 hours,” recalls Hancock. “We needed to prepare the best possible surfaces before we began the exterior painting.” Although an average of 4-5 hours is usually spent power washing a home of this size, the Sharper Impressions team saw that more was needed to get this job done right.

What Additional Prep Work Is Needed?

After the aggressive power wash, the home required extensive caulking. “I wasn’t home the day they caulked,” recalls the homeowner, “and I was amazed to see the final result that evening. I was so impressed with the coverage.” Sharper Impressions used cases and cases of white caulking; every gap and joint on the home was seamless and well protected from weathering.

“Beyond that, a trim board needed to be replaced and a door with rust damage needed repair,” Jones explains. “We did that as a professional courtesy and to make sure the job was done properly.” In all, the team spent two full days caulking and priming the house, deck, balcony and dock.

Choosing the Right Paint Product

An experienced painting specialist, Jones was able to advise the ideal combination of products for the customer’s unique needs. The first challenge was getting the colors they wanted,” he recalls. “We drove together to a spec house and with skilled help from my paint representative we were able to match the colors.”

Jones advised an oil based paint with a top coat of Latex-based, low VOC paint for the house. Nearly all products used by Sharper Impressions Painting have little or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which release toxins and are harmful to the environment.

Knowing that solid paint products can peel easily on horizontal surfaces, Jones also suggested a special product for the 3,000 square foot deck. The railing received a water-based solid stain, tinted to match the floor color. The doors were painted with the third color in a long-lasting Acrylic Latex Based house paint. Each product was carefully selected to guarantee a high-quality, long-lasting paint job that will look great for 8-10 years.

Doing the Job Right

With several years experience in residential and commercial painting, Hancock and his team saw to every detail, putting in 14-hour days. “The job ran so smoothly,” the homeowner says. “Sharper Impressions went above and beyond with thorough prep work and high quality painting. We’re extremely happy with the results!”

“I’m glad to have another happy customer,” says Hancock. “It’s a gorgeous house. And thanks to the client’s referrals, we’ve given exterior and interior painting quotes to neighbors who saw our work first-hand.”

Sharper Impressions Painting is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau with an ‘A’ rating. For more information about residential and commercial painting company, call 1-877-665-5566 or go to