Sharper Impressions Painting Recalls Favorite, Funny July 4th Project

After 19 years of painting, you are bound to have some funny stories; here’s one of our favorites…

One of our customers really needed her interior painted before her family’s reunion over Fourth of July weekend. She and her husband chose great new colors for their walls; they even utilized our free in home color consultant to pick the perfect colors for their home.

With our completion deadline looming, we quickly got to work.

As the party people were setting up the tents in the backyard, the homeowner moved their small, 2 year old dog into the house.

This dog was the cutest fur ball we have seen in a long time; he was also a terror!

It was as if he was inspecting the jobsite; sniffing, exploring and playing with our painters. We wanted to adopt the little guy as our company mascot!

Later in the day, as we were finishing the project; he wanted to show off his tennis ball chasing skills…right through an 18 inch pan of WET PAINT!

He tore off through the kitchen and into the living room; he was having a blast with his new painter buddies chasing him down for his tennis ball.

Paint splattered against walls, footprints were tracked on the floors.

When we finally caught him, three rooms down, his wagging tail was now flicking paint every where…and his playful crouching got all the paint from his belly onto the floor.

We got him outside and hosed him down…with the tennis ball still in his mouth. The inside was cleaned up before too much paint dried; the tent people even helped out.

All was saved, and the party went off without a hitch. Word is the pup was also the hit of the party!!

This isn’t the first time…or probably the last time, the dog days of summer will cause a clean up. Sure keeps the painting business interesting.

We love Dogs and they love our Painters!

From everyone here at Sharper Impressions Painting…Enjoy your holiday!