Sharper Impressions Painting Saves Customers Thanksgiving

Around the holidays, people are scrambling around trying to decorate the house and get everything ready for invited (and uninvited) guests. One of our latest projects had the homeowner panicked her home wouldn’t be ready by the time her in-laws got to town for Thanksgiving.

Most parents know that a three year old with permanent markers is a dangerous situation. This homeowner found out the hard way when she got home from work to find four walls covered with various squiggles. With less a week before her visitors were to arrive she had to get the two child-vandalized rooms repainted.

Since this was a newer home, the homeowner wanted to take advantage of the free color consultation to help pick a new, updated color. Sharper had to hustle and get the consultant out to the house the same day as the actual quote! Once the paint colors were selected, our painters had only 2 days to get everything prepped and painted.

The customer was relieved when she saw her in-laws pull up to the house just as our painters were leaving. The painters even used a No-VOC paint so there were minimal fumes, the guests had no idea the room was finished just minutes prior to their arrival.

The Sharper Impressions Painting customer was elated that her home was able to be completed before the holidays. The new color put a great finish to the rooms and most importantly, covered up all of the permanent marker kid art.

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