Shutter Painting Dos and Don’ts — With Examples

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Green shutter painting before and after

The exterior of your home probably took a beating from the sun this summer. Those hot, cloudless days meant lots of wear and tear on the surface of your home, whether it’s vinyl siding, brick, stone, or something else. It also means plenty of oxidation as well as UV and heat exposure for your shutters. So it’s only natural that shutter painting is on your mind.

It’s common for the color of shutters to gradually fade and weaken. For example, your once vibrant blue shutters might now be closer to a dull gray after a few years of exposure to the elements. Luckily, this time of year is the perfect opportunity to take your shutters down and show them some love with a fresh coat of paint. Better yet, give your entire exterior a refresh with the help of professional painters.

When considering if your home’s shutters need painting, keep in mind these dos and don’ts.

DO the Proper Shutter Painting Prep Work

If your wooden shutters are peeling or flaking, they’ll need some in-depth prep work to get them ready for paint. The old, chipped paint should be removed through scraping, stripping or sanding before new primer and paint is applied. If you have natural wood shutters, a brightener cleaning solution will help clean the wood fibers before applying new stain. Talk to your painting professionals to ensure your shutters are prepared correctly because all shutter materials are different and they take different prep and materials to complete.

DON’T Strip or Sand Vinyl Shutters

Unlike wooden shutters, there is no need to remove the faded, oxidized paint from vinyl shutters before applying the new paint. Your professional painters will thoroughly clean the surfaces to remove the chalky residue on the surface of the old paint job. A spray, roll and brush of a coat of paint will give them new life.

DO Use a Satin Sheen

A new coat of paint is one factor that brings faded shutters back to life — the other is a glossy shine. If you want your shutters to look their best, give them some sheen. In this example, our client was tired of their vinyl shutters fading from the sun. We applied a new vinyl safe paint with a satin sheen in a dark accent color. This, along with the stucco paint, turned it into a brand new home.

Dos and don'ts for painting shutters

DON’T Be Afraid to Go Bold

Don’t hold back from making a statement with your shutters. Use contrasting colors. If your home’s exterior is a lighter color, paint your shutters darker so they truly stand out. Take a look at this before and after — The white trim became much brighter and the siding was updated to a soft grey. We really like the way the darker shutters pop and how the metal roof matches.

Go bold when painting shutters

DO Brighten Things Up

If your current exterior and shutters are dark and uninviting, maybe it’s time to liven them up. The right combination of colors can give a home a wow-factor that will impress every person who sees it. For example, one of our clients was tired of the dated beige and teal green on the exterior of their house. They thought it made their home look too dark and uninviting. The satin white brick painting with muted olive shutters brightens up their home for years to come.

Brighten up your shutters

It’s amazing the impact that painting exterior shutters can have on the entire vibe and look of your home. It’s a fairly simple and fast change that will have a major impact on your home’s curb appeal for years to come.

A reputable company will offer free quotes and will make sure you enjoy this “quick fix” finished project for years to come. If you’re interested in giving your home’s exterior, including the shutters, a refresh, contact us today.

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