Spring Painting Tips

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Spring Painting

Spring is a time of changes and transitions, which for many people, includes home improvement projects. Whether you’re finally cleaning out the garage or planning on painting your porch trim, spring is the perfect time to make updates to your home. Here are some of our best spring painting tips.

Spring Painting Tips

1.Spring Painting Prep Work

If you’ve read any of our articles before, you know we’re sticklers for fastidious prep work before you paint. The spring time often calls for even more attention to this detail, especially after a long, cold or wet winter.

For exterior spring painting projects, power washing is almost always a must. Siding, trim, fences and decking can all use a good wash after years of dirt or even mold or mildew build up. While you can DIY power washing for most projects, a professional painting company should handle this step for you before your spring painting project. They’ll make sure to use the right settings and solutions and make sure the area is dry and ready to go before finishing repairs and painting.

You’ll also want to make sure any rotted or damaged areas are repaired, and make sure plenty of time is spent on sanding and/or paint removal, especially on tricky detail work. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times, the quality and longevity of your finish is almost entirely due to the quality of the prep work. It’s worth spending extra time (and even extra cash, if needed) on this important step!

2. Spring Painting Application

Spring weather can be a bit unpredictable, which can make exterior painting projects a little harder than interior painting projects. The temperature and weather should be warm and dry for outdoor paint application, so you might want to wait until the mild days of late spring or early summer for this step. But you can start your preparations as soon as the weather is habitable for outdoor work, and you can always tackle any interior rooms while you’re waiting for the weather to cooperate.

Work with a professional painting company that uses high quality materials and application techniques. Whether the project needs hand brushing, rolling or spraying, they should always use the right tool for the job. Trim painting and details will always need time put in with a hand brush, while bigger projects can sustain some spraying. The way the paint is applied will help ensure the life of the project, and any painting company will be happy to talk to you about their process.

3. Spring Painting Colors

Spring Painting 2

Spring can be one of the most fun times to choose colors for your interior and exterior painting projects. The days are longer, everything is in bloom and brighter shades of paint are often on people’s minds.

But even if you don’t go with one of the newer trendy greens or jewel tones, a fresh coat of paint can bring life back into your home. We like seeing rooms take on new life with bright white trim, or a soft greige on the walls. Exterior doors, trim and porch railings can handle bright bursts of color. Painting your fence a stately charcoal grey can make it look brand new again.

Paint can cover over years of dirt, wear and tear, damage or mold and mildew. It can give your home a completely updated look, make architectural details pop or fade into the background, or make your landscaping look better against a new color. You can even go with the same color you used before, but enjoy how a fresh coat of that same color can hide imperfections and make a room feel fresh and clean.

A professional painting company typically offers color consultations as a part of their overall service package. If you know you want a new spring paint color, but aren’t sure what to choose, they can help. They can look at your neighborhood, your decor and your general style to recommend colors that you’ll love for years to come.

All in all, spring can be a great time to tackle your next interior or exterior painting project. While the timing with the weather can be a mild concern, you can still start the process of finding a professional painting company and discussing your project with them. They’ll work hard to understand your concerns, your budget and your timeline, so your project is completed quickly and in time to enjoy the year to come.

Professional Interior and Exterior Spring Painting Services

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