Summer’s Arrival Brings Several Seasonal Transition Projects

Sharper Impressions Painting has been helping transition homes from cold, dreary winter weather to warm summer days with several local painting projects. This time of year the most exciting projects for our customers are deck staining. Decks are the perfect spot for friends and family to come together and create great memories. While you sit back and enjoy the sun, we make sure your deck is beautiful, colorful and protected!

Our most recent deck staining project was completely covered in snow when I came out for the initial free painting quote.  As you can see below, not a good day for BBQ!

This deck staining project obviously needed to wait for warmer weather and a slight melting before we were able to move forward with the power washing . Once the spring weather finally arrived (YES!), we were able to start the preparations for the deck.

My painters had some problems with several spring birds that made their job a little more complicated. After the deck was cleaned, power washed and ready for staining, our painter returned to begin the project when he saw that it was covered in bird droppings. Turns out these birds were ready for the season too!  Our second attempt at cleaning was much more effective; 2 coats of new, rich stain resulted in a beautifully coated and weather resistant deck.

The homeowner, Mr. Goldman was thrilled to see the final product. He had spring fever when we started his project, (as we all did) and by completion he was ready to enjoy the weather on his freshly coated deck. We love making warm weather more enjoyable for all of our customers …and he didn’t have to lift a finger.  Now, that is the way it should be when you hire a great painter!

I  returned recently to take pictures for this article and my customer and I walked around looking at the final project on a sunny 80 degree day.  The customer did a great job planting some seasonal flowers, the new colors abound and the season is here.  BBQ anyone!?