Kitchen Cabinet Painting: The Best Paint and Process for Kitchen Cabinets

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The biggest issue with painting kitchen cabinets is chipping of the paint when the doors get banged up. About 4 years ago, PPG Paints came out with a revolutionary new paint that was specifically designed for kitchen cabinets. It is called “PPG Break-Through”. (it’s not for all kitchen cabinets, your professional painting contractor or paint store manager can consult with you on your particular cabinet needs)

Kitchen Cabinet Paint (Before & After)

Kitchen Cabinet Color Before








Homeowners were finding they could paint their dated wood kitchen cabinets for about 1/16 the cost of replacing them. But those regular interior paints would chip over time as pots collided into the edges of the doors or drawers banged into the frames.

With PPG Break-Through it is much more durable. It dries with a hard skin, like old oil/alkyd paints used to. The chipping problem was remedied. Food stains and oils are easily wiped off the surface with water and a mild detergent.  Since white is one of the most common kitchen cabinet painting colors, it doesn’t yellow over time from the sun and age.

Kitchen cabinets before
Kitchen Cabinets Before
Kitchen Cabinets Painted After - White
Kitchen Cabinets Paint After

It dries super fast, so you can do multiple coats quickly. It levels out so no matter how you apply it, it leaves a smoother professional finish.  It sticks to any surface, so no matter if your cabinets are wood or laminate the paint will adhere.

A true professional will remove all the hardware and the doors. All the surfaces will be lightly sanded for a slight etching effect which will grip the top coatings better. For first time painted cabinets a primer is mandatory to help seal and grip down on the surface. Then two top coats of PPG Break-Through with a spray application can get your kitchen cabinets looking 95% new. Often a simple plastic tarp spray booth is set up in the kitchen or in the garage. After drying, all the doors and hardware can be reinstalled on the cabinet frames and you are done!

Kitchen Cabinets Painted White AfterKitchen Cabinet Colors Before