The Big Give 2009

Christmas 2009…

This past holiday season was extra special for all of us here at Sharper Impressions Painting. We found out about a wonderful family in our area who was faced with some very tough times. Christmas would not be full of joy for them. Both parents had lost their jobs and things were looking pretty grim. In spite of their troubles, they remained thankful for each other and their health. They put on as happy a face as they could.

We decided we could make it better.

Everyone at Sharper Impressions Painting—from support staff to District Managers, even some of our awesome suppliers—pitched in to donate enough money to buy gifts for this family of five. Even better, they took time out of their busy holiday schedules to focus on the needs of others. In doing so, I think we all stumbled upon the true meaning of Christmas.

As the saying goes: ‘Tis better to give than to receive.

How true! Our dear friends sent us a heartfelt thank-you video. It brought us all to tears. Mostly because, we are the ones who feel thankful… for the opportunity to know the true meaning of Christmas.

Happy New Year!